5 Reasons Why Southmoor Workspace Could Change Your Business

  • Do you currently run your business from home or an office in the middle of nowhere?
  • Are you looking to expand? Move to a more centralized location or somewhere with better facilities?
  • Do large office blocks with sterile cookie cutter conditions turn you off? But warm, community based environments turn you on?

Southmoor Workspace serviced offices Havant, could be the answer.

Southmoor Workspace

Here are 5 reasons why moving your office space to Havant could change your business.

1. 24/7 Access

If you are more productive late and night or early in the morning or deal with clients overseas, then being able to access your workspace 24 hours a day means that you could become both more efficient and more productive.  It also means that if the time difference in the past has put you off working with clients overseas, knowing you could operate at a time to match could help to expand the scope of your business.

2. Prime Location

Serviced offices in Havant are in the perfect location for commuting to London, Brighton or even just to work from home. Situated close to both the M27 and A3 there are easily accessible by clients and staff alike.

3. Expand and Evolve

Southmoor’s serviced offices are available in a number of sizes and are adaptable to suit growing teams. As your business expands and evolves Southmoor’s serviced offices Havant can grow with you.

4. Neighbours Really Are Good Friends

While working from home or in a remote location is great for peace and quiet, working in a serviced office complex can go a long way to expanding your business. The networking opportunities are endless.

5. Fantastic Facilities

Whilst it is rude to judge your current workspace in a childish round of ‘my office is better than your office,’ Southmoor does offer all it’s clients fast internet, a VoIP phone system inclusive in their rent as well as opportunities to attend networking events to help expand your business.

Southmoor Workspace serviced offices Havant may appear from the outside like any other office block, it is so much more. To find out for yourself visit: http://southmoorworkspace.co.uk


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