A Break From The Sun – Time to Ski

Sun or ski?

I will admit something from the start of this blog post. I am self-confessed sun worshipper. My husband and I tend to go on holiday 2 or 3 times a year, and it’s always somewhere exotic with lots of sunshine, cocktails, and swimming. When we first got married 10 years ago we debated over the fact that he wanted to go skiing for our honeymoon. Snow was out of the question, a honeymoon is not a time to ski, so we ended up having 3 lovely weeks in Fiji. I compromised and said that we will go skiing one day and he’s pestered me about it ever since.

Well, it looks like this year is the year and there’s going to be no getting out of it on my behalf. It’s time to ski.

How hard can skiing be?

We’ve been having a look around for popular skiing destinations and have decided that we’re going to go late November. We have settled on France as we have a couple of friends that have been in France and had a lovely time. We’re all different kinds of people but their recommendation is enough for me to trust them. I think.

We’ve had a look at a couple of French destinations but I think we’re pretty set on Meribel. Chalet accommodation was a must for this holiday and a hot tub and spa would definitely be a winner in my books. We found this company called Ski Blanc that offer Meribel Chalets and made a couple of enquiries. They seemed to have everything we required plus more.

We decided to go with one of their catered chalets in Meribel so we don’t even have to worry about cooking while we’re there.

Having a look about for suitable clothes for a skiing trip is not fun. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to find things without having to go to specialist shops. I knew that would be the case for big coats and the like but there doesn’t even seem to be thick socks or anything in my favourite shops at the moment.

I guess the next thing before the holiday is to actually learn to ski. I’m happy being a beginner but I’d like to give myself an idea of what I’m in for. Luckily, there’s an activity centre a few miles away with some dry slopes so my husband and I have booked in for a beginners lesson.

If you’re looking to go skiing then based on the hours we spent on Trip Advisor and through recommendations, I would advise going to Meribel. Chalet accommodation from Ski Blanc looks fantastic and the reviews exceed what we were expecting. I’ll follow this up with a blog post once we’ve actually been, but for now I’m off to try and find some ear muffs.

I wonder if I could talk my husband into a cheeky week away in Spain this August?


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