Contribute To Us

Business Services Week would love to hear from you, if you are interested in contributing to our blog then keep on reading!

Article Guidelines

If you want to contribute a piece to the blog then please follow the below guidelines.

  • Between 400 – 800 words in length to be provided
  • A minimum of 2 multimedia to show to our wonderful audience. (This can be graphs, images, videos etc)
  • Try to ensure the tone of your blog suits the audience, for example if you are writing a ‘How To’, then get to the point and be helpful.
  • If you include any data in your article, please back up your data with relevant sources.


We know it’s easy to write about what you are passionate about, that is why if you have a creative side and can put together a really great blog then we’d love to share it with our community.

Here’s our blog categories that we would love for you to talk about (pick one category):

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Business & Finance
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Law & Politics
  • Manufacturing & Farming
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Property & Home
  • Sport & Hobbies
  • Technology & Computing
  • Travel & Tourism

What Do You Get?

If you send us over a blog that we really love with content that isn’t duplicated then in return we will link back to your site. If you provide us with a link and an idea of where you want it, then after the final copy has been submitted we can insert the link back to your website.