5 Different Types Of Lawyers

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There are lots of different types of lawyers all of whom can cater individually for each of your legal needs. Whether you have had an accident and think you deserve compensation or are struggling to get through a difficult divorce, there is sure to be a lawyer for you. Below are a list of just some of the different specialisms lawyers can work within.

Family Law

Family lawyers are the most common in the industry. They are trained to deal with divorces, adoptions and other family matters. Family law is becoming one of the most popular subjects to study at universities with some universities even specialising in it. As demand increases for counsel so does the need for lawyers in this specialism.

Injury Lawyers

Injury lawyers specialise in claims that people have made after suffering an injury. They can help you if you’ve had an accident that wasn’t your fault or was caused by somebody else. Typical claims made are for injuries such as tripping or falling over hazards which weren’t marked, traffic collisions or injuries caused by a ‘professional.’

Professional Negligence Lawyers

Professional negligence lawyers are there for you if you feel that a case you have been pursuing has been mishandled by a lawyer. If your chosen lawyer fails to submit documentation on time or settles for less than your claim is worth, for example, then you have every right to investigate them for professional negligence. Professional negligence lawyers can help to secure you the compensation you deserve.

Assault Lawyers

You would hire an assault lawyer if you have been harmed through a fight or other means. They can help you prosecute the person that has caused your suffering.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers is a very broad term. Crime could be anything from speeding tickets to murder. It is appropriate to hire a criminal lawyer if you faced going to prison for a crime you have committed or have been accused of.

In your lifetime you may have hired one or more of these types of lawyers for yourself. If have but you believe that they failed you in some way, you may have suffered solicitor negligence. To find out if you have a claim, contact Paul Mulderrig and his team for more information and advice about professional negligence claims on 0808 250 7438 or visit http://mulderrigs.co.uk

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