Learn About Line: A bespoke learning service

Line Communication is one of the leading blended learning and communications companies in the UK. Recognised by the British Computer Society as a market leader in bespoke learning and content development Line have worked with some of the largest companies in the world.

Founded in 1989 by Piers Lea, Line Communication has grown from strength to strength over the last 25 years. Now boasting offices in London, Sheffield and Zurich they have a work force of well over 100 people.

Work in the public sector:

Line Communication is responsible for a wealth of bespoke learning tools for companies we all know well. They are the minds behind BBC Bitsize, the GCSE resource to help secondary school pupils pass their exams. They also worked with the National Learning Networks (NLN) to improve their e-learning materials, as well as the Home Office, HM Revenue and Customs and the British Museum.

Work in the corporate sector:

Working within the corporate sector is a huge challenge for Line as each business is different. However, working with Line has reaped them all the same reward, huge savings on their training bills.

Thanks to their blended and bespoke learning programmes Line have saved companies like British Airways, Volvo and IKEA, tens of millions of pounds. Saving money is not their only function though, after employing Line to design a blended learning programme, Ford managed to make training 3 times faster and increase the number of cars each sales person sold by 2.4 cars.

Public and Private sector businesses aren’t the only places Line has flourished as a company though. Their work with the Defence sector has earned them many awards including one for Project of The Year. Their interactive scenarios training programme has been used to help service men prepare for action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As you can see there is a lot to learn about Line Communication. For more information on their services and clients visit their website today: http://www.line.co.uk

Line Communications

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