6 of the Best Benefits of Serviced Accommodation

Serviced Accommodation in Southampton
The 6 Best Benefits of Serviced Accommodation

Working away from home and having to live in a hotel is not always as glamorous as you first might think. Hotel living can often hamper your freedom with no cooking facilities, room for entertaining and often strict parking restrictions.

Serviced accommodation is a very convenient alternative to the traditional hotel for short to mid term rental agreements that give you the freedom to include your family and friends in your stay away from home, or as an interim move before deciding where to buy.

This property service is a new attraction for property investors, and as a result the property market is seeing a rise in the availability of serviced accommodation in Southampton, Liverpool, London, Manchester and many other large cities in the UK.

Serviced accommodation is a house or apartment that is a fully furnished property offering the creature comforts of home with the advantages of maid service just like a hotel. There are many reasons this type of accommodation is better than a hotel, here are 6 of them.

#1 Space and Style

Rather than the cramped style of living in one bedroom serviced accommodation offers separate sleeping areas as well as a fully equipped kitchen and often a separate dining area for entertaining. A place to relax after a long day at the office rather than being confined to one room living.

#2 Family and Friends

Many serviced properties have multiple bedrooms offering the convenience of families travelling together, with plenty of room for children on offer. This arrangement offers privacy and space for the whole family.

#3 Kitchen Convenience

Now you may not be a Cordon Bleu chef in your spare time, or indeed intend to do much cooking at all. However a kitchen with a fridge and microwave give you the opportunity to put together a quick snack, a healthy breakfast or chill your favourite tipple. There are no problems for any special dietary requirements either, you can everything under control. Many service accommodation services will even fill the fridge for your arrival.

#4 Helpful Housekeeping

Not having to make your own bed everyday is definitely one of the major benefits of staying in a hotel. Apart from them turning up an inconvenient times that is. With serviced accommodation housekeeping is carried out a couple of times a week giving you similar freedom to being at home but without the housework.

#5 Laundry

The freedom to do your own washing in your own time is convenient too. Although hotels offer a laundry service you can’t be sure when it will be coming back and it can be quite expensive too. Knowing you can throw your favourite shirt in the wash and have it ready to wear by the morning is a great benefit of a serviced home, especially if children are staying with you too.

#6 Cost Cutting

Serviced accommodation often works out cheaper than the equivalent length of time spent in a hotel. Many serviced accommodation agents require a longer term rental, however they may also offer great deals for just a few nights or weeks. The fact that you can do your own washing, cook you own food and park on your driveway will mean that you are saving money straight away.


Have you ever taken the option of staying in a serviced property instead of a hotel? How did you find the experience in comparison?

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