Your Business Website and What It Says About You

business website

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well if that’s the case, a business website screams an entire monologue.

After all, in this incessant digital age your business website is often:

a) The first interaction a user makes with your business

b) A visual representation of your brand and your company’s values

And most importantly,

c) The determining factor on whether a customer stays, plays and pays or ‘perish the thought’ runs away.

Simply using one particular font over another has the potential to make or break your conversion rate. Even changing the colour scheme can transform a poor website into an amazing one.

Of course, your business website should also be a reflection of yourself and your business. It’s important to allow your personality to seep through to create a distinctive relationship with a user.


So you’ve decided to take your company onto the big and scary World Wide Web. That’s great. As you’re well aware, your business won’t survive in this digital age without a website.

But are you using the right website platform? Having a secure, effective and efficient Content Management System (CMS) is paramount. WordPress is a popular choice for businesses.  And it’s easy to understand why. With a few simple clicks, you can create fully-fledged, versatile and developed websites, blogs and mobile apps.

Plus, they look pretty awesome too!

Design and Layout

Unfortunately ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ doesn’t apply to a business website. We’ve all seen a rubbish looking site, immediately thought it was dodgy and clicked close faster than it takes Amazon to drain our bank balance.

Because when it comes to online, appearance is everything. Just ask these awesome Winchester WordPress experts. Their livelihood is designing affordable, stylish but above all professional looking sites for your business.

It’s a technology jungle out there  – I wonder if Darwin ever cottoned on to Digital Selection and survival of the fittest www.

Good news is that most CMS have hundreds of design themes (some are free) available. This allows you to customise your site to your own tastes if you don’t want to hire a web developer.



A website and a blog go together like a selfie and a filter. It’s highly recommend that you set one up for your business, as there are many benefits of having a blog on your website.  

You can post new updates or services about your business, gain new users, network with other business in the industry and improve your SEO via link building.

But most importantly it allows you to create a personalised user experience for people on your site. Human interaction is still highly valued by consumers, even online. A blog will prevent you from being just another faceless brand, it will help you become a trusted business.

Social Media

Again, if you want your business to thrive online social media is another must have. But what’s the point of setting up every social network platform there is if nobody can find it?

Linking your social media profiles directly from your website is an effective solution. Users will be taken to your social media sites at a click of a button.

Mobile Friendly

Statistics showed that mobile internet searches overtook desktop last year. That’s a serious game changer in the way you run your business online.

It’s therefore, ESSENTIAL that your website is mobile-friendly. If not, just think about the hundreds of missed opportunities for your business, all because your site wouldn’t load on a smartphone.

And if you really want to get ahead of the mobile game consider creating an App for your business. That means your business will virtually be in the palm of a user’s hands. If that’s not a pretty advantageous position to be in, then I don’t know what is?

Remember – your website says a lot about your business. With a few simple tweaks and regular maintenance to your site, your business can go from striving to thriving online.


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