Class Action Lawsuit Roundup

Class Action Lawsuit
Class Action Lawsuit Roundup

In a previous article I spoke about how Class Action Litigation had come to the UK. The UK laws have been changed to focus on  combating cartels and price fixing, so we should not expect the enormity of the class action cases that litigation companies get involved with in the USA? Well, at least not yet.

Litigation and Class Action cases can go on for years, here are a few that are currently being talked about:

Lawsuit Looming for Apple over Wifi Assist in IOS9

This class action lawsuit claims that Apple did not explain to its users that the new Wi-Fi Assist feature uses data from their cellular plan. This feature was introduced with the 9th upgrade to the IOS operating system.

The case claims that the plaintiffs were misled by the cellular data usage so they are accusing Apple of misrepresentation, among other things.

Subway to use tape measures

A class action lawsuit against Subway in America has led to them having to keep a “measuring tool” in their restaurants after a customer claimed that the Subway sandwiches were not 12 inches long.

Subway were sued for misrepresentation after selling foot-long sandwiches which were not in fact foot-long. As part of the settlement the company has to measure all sandwiches to ensure they are the length advertised, as well as monthly inspections of the restaurants being undertaken to check the new rules are being adhered too.

Sony to Pay Employees After Hack

A Class Action lawsuit was filed against Sony after computer hackers sent a 9/11 terror message that left its employees feeling scared and vulnerable as well as the security of their personal data being put under great risk.

The proposed settlement from the case will see each class member receive £1,050 unless their identity was stolen where the settlement figure is much higher.

Amazon Sued For Paying Less Than Minimum Wage

Getting things to your customer in one or two hours is the mission of Prime Now. However, this instant service has caused allegations to be made against Amazon. Amongst them are paying less than the minimum wage, failing to pay overtime and failing to give workers breaks. The Class Action lawsuit will get to the bottom of it.

Class Action

Is there a particular class action case that you have taken an interest in? Or a movie portraying a case that you have particularly enjoyed? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Sometimes having nothing to lose can be a freeing thing. If everything went tango uniform tomorrow, I’d be in largely the same place I am right now. Maybe sans a job, but the company is Canadian so it might do okay. Besides, I couldn’t make much less money digging ditches.

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