25 Exquisite Untranslatable Emotions: A Collection of worldwide Beautiful Words

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Every professional translation agency understands the complexity of translating between languages, especially when dealing with the intricacies of feelings in different languages. Each language possesses its own nuances and subtleties, resulting in some words and phrases being frustratingly ‘untranslatable.’ Linguists and translators often encounter scenarios where the perfect equivalent simply doesn’t exist in the target language, leaving them grappling with the challenge of conveying the true essence of these emotions in other languages. So, get ready to delve into the enchanting realm of untranslatable emotions as we uncover 25 exquisite words for feelings in other languages. Each word represents a unique facet of human experience, illustrating the beauty and complexity of emotions in different cultural contexts.


#1 Arabic:

Word: ‘Ya’aburnee’

Discover the profound sentiment encapsulated in ‘Ya’aburnee,’ a beautiful word, expressing the heartfelt wish to pass away before a beloved person, acknowledging the unbearable thought of living without them.

arabic - untranslatable words

#2 Chinese:

Word: ‘Ré nao’

Witness the enchanting essence of ‘Ré nao,’ a cool word in Chinese that captures the exhilarating atmosphere of a vibrant place or setting, where the infectious energy beckons everyone to join in.

chinese - untranslatable words

#3 Czech:

Word: ‘Litost’

Contemplate the profound meaning of ‘Litost,’ a sad word conveying the torment of confronting one’s own despair in a sudden, poignant realization.

czech - untranslatable words

4. Dutch

Word: ‘Gezelligheid’

Embrace the heartwarming essence of ‘Gezelligheid,’ an uplifting word that encapsulates the warmth and affection experienced when surrounded by cherished loved ones.

amsterdam untranslatable words

5. Estonian

Word: ‘Ei viitsi’

Experience the essence of ‘Ei viitsi,’ a lethargic word that encapsulates the feeling of laziness and the lack of motivation to undertake any tasks.

estonia - untranslatable words

6. Filipino

Word: ‘Kilig’

Delve into the delightful sentiment of ‘Kilig,’ a romantic word that beautifully captures the fluttery sensation in one’s stomach when experiencing a romantic moment.

philippines untranslatable words

7. French

Word: ‘Dépaysement’

Reflect on the profound emotion conveyed by ‘Dépaysement,’ a lonely word that embodies the sense of feeling like a foreigner and experiencing displacement when you’re away from your own country.

eiffel-tower philippines untranslatable words

8. Georgian

Word: ‘Shemomedjamo‘

Explore the intriguing essence of ‘Shemomedjamo,’ a unique word that captures the experience of persistently indulging in delicious food despite being full.

georgia untranslatable words

9. German

Word: ‘Waldeinsamkeit’

Delve into the intriguing word ‘Waldeinsamkeit,’ an interesting word that describes the feeling of being connected to nature when alone in the woods.

germany untranslatable words

10. Hebrew

Word: ‘Firgun’

Discover the beauty of ‘Firgun,’ a beautiful word that signifies the joy felt for someone else’s success or good fortune.

hebrew untranslatable words

11. Hindi

Word: ‘Jijivisha’

Uncover the power behind ‘Jijivisha,’ an inspiring word that encapsulates the intense desire to embrace life fully and persist with unwavering determination.

hindi untranslatable words

12. Italian

Word: ‘Abbiocco’

Explore the intriguing word ‘Abbiocco,’ an interesting word that captures the sensation of drowsiness following a substantial meal.

italian untranslatable words

13. Indonesian

Word: ‘Jayus’

Discover the humorous essence of ‘Jayus,’ a hilarious word that depicts the act of laughing uncontrollably at a poorly delivered, unfunny joke.

Indonesia untranslatable words

14. Japanese:

Word: ‘Wabi-Sabi’

Experience the profound concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi,’ the beautiful word that embodies the art of finding beauty within imperfections.

Japan untranslatable words

15. Norwegian:

Word: ‘Forelsket’

Embrace the euphoric essence of ‘Forelsket,’ an inspiring word that encapsulates the exhilarating sensation experienced during the blissful journey of falling in love.

Norway untranslatable games

16. Portuguese

Word: ‘Saudade’

Reflect on the poignant sentiment of ‘Saudade,’ a sad word that captures the profound longing for a lost loved one.

portugal untranslatable words

17. Romanian

Word: ‘Dor’

Experience the depth of emotion conveyed by ‘Dor,’ a melancholic word that signifies the poignant feeling of sadness and longing for a beloved person, often accompanied by the urge to sing sorrowful melodies.

romania untranslatable words

18. Russian

Word: ‘Pochemuchka’

Uncover the intriguing nature of ‘Pochemuchka,’ an interesting word that describes a person known for asking an excessive amount of questions.

russia untranslatable words

19. Serbian

Word: ‘Merak’

Discover the essence of ‘Merak,’ a unique word that encompasses the feeling of unity with the universe, drawn from the purest and simplest of pleasures.

serbia untranslatable words

20. Swedish

Word: ‘Fika’

Experience the essence of ‘Fika,’ yet another unique word that embodies the act of gathering to engage in long, meaningful conversations, providing a welcome break from the routines of everyday life.

swedish flag untranslatable words

In the polyglot world, untranslatable words from around the globe present a huge challenge for professional translators; but an exciting challenge that they’ll relish.

21. Bengali

Word: Shonjog

Embrace the heartwarming emotion of ‘Shonjog,’ an uplifting word that captures the indescribable joy of reuniting with a beloved person after a prolonged period of separation.

22. Croatian

Word:  Proživljavanje

Embrace the depth of ‘Proživljavanje,’ a heartwarming word that embodies the complete immersion in a specific experience or emotion.

23. Danish

Word: Hygge

Delve into the essence of ‘Proživljavanje,’ a word encapsulating the profound act of fully immersing yourself in a particular experience or emotion, allowing it to wash over you completely.


24. Finnish

Word: Kaiho

Reflect on the profound sentiment of ‘Kaiho,’ a unique word that encompasses the bittersweet experience of longing and nostalgia for something or someone that is no longer present.

25. Greek

Word: Meraki

Embrace the inspiring essence of ‘Meraki,’ a word that beautifully signifies the act of infusing your work or actions with your soul, creativity, and love.

In the world of languages, untranslatable words pose a considerable challenge for translators, an intriguing challenge they’re sure to find engaging. These unique words offer a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and experiences, showcasing the diverse range of feelings that shape our lives. From the poignant ‘Saudade’ to the joyous ‘Firgun,’ each word represents a different aspect of human life, illustrating the depth and richness of emotions across various cultures.

As we explore these fascinating words, we’re reminded of how language can capture the essence of our existence, transcending borders and connecting us on a deeper level. These untranslatable terms serve as reminders of the common threads that unite us globally, emphasizing the beauty of our cultural diversity and the shared human experiences that bind us together.

Have you ever come across any unique, untranslatable words? Do you know any words for emotions in other languages?

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