Does Every Business Need a Website?

The answer in most cases is, of course, YES! “But my business is only local, and I don’t sell anything online” I hear you cry. Your business may well only be local, but if you want it to be a successful local business a website is a necessity. And remember we always think local before we think global.

There is of course always an exception to every rule.

When Not to have a Website

When it is a bad one! A website creates an impression of your business, which is usually a first one, and we all know how hard it is to shake off a bad first impression. This is exactly what your customers will be left with if you have a website that is difficult to navigate and full of spelling mistakes with poor quality graphics. It will do way more harm than good, so if you are building a website be sure to use a checklist.

Reasons Why you Should have a Website

Its Expected

These days it is expected that every business has a website. Your potential customers are surfing the internet every day looking for services or products just like yours. You can be sure that your competitors are already there too. A website makes you visible to your potential customers.


Word of mouth, the best form of advertising, right? But once someone has heard of your company, what will they do next? Look you up of course to see what other customers have said about you, check out your products, services, prices and location. Your website provides credibility and reassurance to customers that you are what you say you are. This encourages the customer to take a step closer to that all important sale.

Contact and Reference

A website is often the first point of contact for a client, so a professional website design with the essential information perfectly placed is key. It could be that a customer simply wants to find your phone number, so make it easy. The website may also be used as a reference point, if you provide a service, for example, there may be frequently asked questions, blog posts, or a contact us page, so it is an essential way to nurture customer relationships.

Marketing and Advertising

As a business owner, or someone who is about to start one, you will be aware of the cost of traditional marketing methods in the media. A website gives you the ability to have multiple pages of information about your company, products and services. So a website can be a money saving venture too. By using a professional web designer you can have an effective, on trend website up and running in no time.

Open All Hours

With a website your business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, well “virtually” anyway. With us all being so busy these days people surf the web at all sorts of times of the day, often late at night and at weekends. Why miss out on customers because your are closed, that makes no sense at all.

The Answer

Does every business need a website? YES, every business does need a website in order to stay competitive, so you are visible, your potential clients understand your products and services and so you can display that you are an authority in your field.

The Proof

So now that you need a website, want to improve or redesign the one you have, or want to delve further into the world of digital marketing what will you do? Head straight for Google (there are other search engine brands available) and type in the likes of Web Design Winchester,  Digital Marketing Agencies Portsmouth, or perhaps something more national or even international to find what you need.

So ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. I’m sure almost every one of us turns to the internet at some point to find the answers and solutions that we need, not just for shopping but in everyday life. You quite simply need to be there.

Have you recently built your first website, or had one designed for you? Let us know how you are getting on with it. Leave us a comment.

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