Film Fancy Dress: A Shockingly Serious Business

There are plenty of us that love a good theme party, or in fact any other event that gives us the opportunity to dress up as someone or something far from our day to day world.  It offers us that little bit of escapism and dare I say the opportunity to behave slightly out of the ordinary.

So just how far are you willing delve into the world of TV and film fancy dress?  Is it something that you throw yourself into full pelt or is it just a little bit of light-hearted fun?

It is clearly something that is taken seriously by parents when supporting their children in their fancy dress exploits.  However they don’t always achieve favourable results, particularly when social media is thrown into the mix. These articles demonstrate just that:

Heat World Reports:

“Amanda Holden dresses daughter as hooker for school’s fancy dress day”

Amanda Holden almost caused a Twitter meltdown after she posted a picture of her daughter dressed as Vivian, Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman character.  Thankfully she was adorned in the character’s sophisticated red evening gown and not the thigh length patent boots and short skirt, also synonymous with this character.  Now that would have been a spectacle and truly unfitting.  The fancy dress day had a 90’s theme, and the Pretty Woman character was certainly an icon of that time. But then so were the Telly Tubbies and the characters of Toy Story.

Did Amanda really get it so wrong?

The Daily Mail Reports:

“Schoolboy, 11, ‘excluded’ from lessons after turning up to World Book Day dressed in Fifty Shades of Grey outfit with cable ties and an eye mask”

This schoolboy arrived at school suited and booted to the standards of Mr Grey, from the world famous book series 50 Shades of Grey.  I truly hope that this child had input from his mother in his fancy dress choice, and it was not a reflection of his reading habits.  These books have been in the media spotlight over the past couple of years, so who doesn’t know at least a little about their characters?  A refreshing choice of costume in my mind. World Book Day has a tendency to become a sea of Disney Princesses and Harry Potters in my experience. Very unimaginative.

The school excluded this child from the World Book Day celebrations.  Was this the right decision or did it simply draw more attention to his character?

Let us know what you think about these TV and Film fancy dress shockers.


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