4 Fun and Festive Christmas Website Design Ideas

Christmas Website Design Ideas
Fun and festive Christmas website design ideas

December is fast approaching, and you know what happens then! It’s all about Christmas and using this time of year to your company’s advantage. It is the busiest time of year for many industries and for many it can make or break their yearly financial position.

So, commercially it is time for the trees to come out, the decorations to go up and the lights to go on. With all the festive scenes set don’t forget your website. Yes, that’s right. Connect with your clients with a Christmas website design.

Here are some of our Christmas website design ideas to spice up your website and share some Christmas spirit with your customers:

Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Snow and Christmas go together that strawberries and cream and every year we all wish for a white Christmas. So, deliver one to your website visitors, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow on your website.

Take a look around the internet, there are plenty of offers of free plugins and java scripts to add snow to your pages. Some even allow your visitor to interact with the snow.

Take a look at Last Orders for Christmas  to see the type of effects you can achieve.

If you do not feel comfortable adding code to your website chat to your friendly web designer. I know that our agent, Alniro Web Design, Winchester would be happy help they are suckers for a Christmas website design.

Add a Christmas Landing Page

A Christmas landing page is a must if you run an eCommerce website. It is a great way to freshen up the website for regular customer and display new seasonal stock. It is the perfect way to advertise and upsell seasonal offers and promote any seasonal content to boost brand awareness. Essential for making the most of Christmas to boost earnings during the busiest shopping period of the year.

It is not just about adding a bit of Christmas spirit to your website but also improving your conversion rates. To do this make sure your Christmas landing page is optimised to match any featured products and include a definitive call to action. Also make sure that any content on the page is unique and engaging, once they have arrived your want the visitors to stick around as well as purchase. Good content management will definitely boost your eCommerce sales, this Tillison Consulting article may make things clearer for you.

The Hambledon in Winchester’s web design is simple yet effect. All the information you need about their Christmas products is neatly stored in one place with a festive feel.

Add Christmas Lights

Christmas just simply isn’t Christmas without twinkly lights, and yes you guessed it you can add these to your Christmas website design too. If you are reading this text during December you will see twinkly lights on our homepage, installed with a free WordPress plugin.

Dress up your Logo

If snow and flashing lights don’t match with your branding and isn’t fitting for your seasonal website design then consider a subtle change to your logo. It will be just enough to show your clients that you are embracing the season. This is also a good option if you haven’t really got the time to re-design your website.

Add a simple Santa hat to your brand name, exchange a letter of your company name for a Christmas tree a snowman for example. Tesco is a good example:

Christmas website design Tesco log

Christmas website design – Tesco logo

The best Christmas web design that I have come across to far this year is that of Zoella. She has it all, a sesonalised logo, twinkly light and snow. It’s so pretty but not for everyone. Make sure that you still have your brand in mind when updating your website, it is important to manage your customers expectations and not just just use every seasonal web design trick in the book.

Christmas website design Zoella

Christmas website design Zoella

So have gone for a Christmas website design or added a Christmas landing page? Share your web address with us in the comments we love a Christmassy web site.

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