Have you ever thought about Beauty Vlogging?

Now come on don’t be shy, just how many times have you had a sneaky look at YouTube to find out how to apply the latest shade of eyeshadow?  We all do it.

Well why wouldn’t we?  YouTube is an amazing library of information that we can visit to learn almost anything, and we don’t have to keep the noise down.  From making your own Hollywood Mirror, how to shape your eyebrows, through to how to change a tyre it’s all right there.  With so much on offer we should all know everything by now.

Those that post these informational videos are known as Vloggers.  For some it is just a hobby, yet for others it is their business and hope of making a fortune.

Why I asked you specifically about Beauty Vlogging is because online beauty tutorials is one of Britain’s fastest growing industries.  So there are opportunities to be had.

Why Beauty Vlog?

Many younger girls are following in the footsteps of the idols whom have made fame and fortune from their humble YouTube beginnings.

The phenomenon of self made beauty videos is taking YouTube by storm.  In fact these videos attracted 700m video views a month in 2014.  So, it is worth getting in on the action if it is “your bag”.

The chance of fame and fortune is right there in your own home.  Good beauty vloggers create their own unique online persona’s and with plenty being very good.  As a result a hunting ground for talent has been opened up for the the big beauty brands.  That is where the fame “could” come into it.  Take a look at Zoella for example who “doesn’t care to discuss her salary”..

Back to the big brands.  If you stand out to a big brand in the beauty arena there are contracts to be made, after all you are a content creator and in our digital world every large company has those.  Some Vloggers even end up on the payroll.

Why has Beauty Vlogging become so popular?

In a nutshell TRUST!

No smoke and mirrors, just Vloggers of all ages giving their honest opinions and advice on a range beauty products.  Because they are not attached to the brands (as far as we know) we simply trust their opinion.  It really is as simple as that.

What now?

Get in front of your Hollywood mirror.  Set up some lighting and your webcam.  Surround yourself with your favourite glitter pigment makeup.  Now show us how to use it and tell us what is so good about it.

Simple!  Or is it?

If you have tried it please share your experiences with me in the comments.  I do love to chat.


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