How Augmented Reality Software Can Improve Online Interaction

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The UK maybe well ahead of the curve when it comes to shopping online but there is still huge room for improvement. Cries of “but I don’t know what it looks like on the back, “ or “how does it look in pink?” will soon be a thing of the past as more businesses adopt augmented reality software into their online shops.

Online shopping falters with some because they are unable to fully visualize what a product looks like, what it may look like in an alternative colour or what a product might look like in your home or on your body. Augmented reality can solve this.

As a technology, augmented reality software can be implemented into your website in order to give your shopper the opportunity for 3 dimensional product visualization. This simulation of the act of picking something up, turning it round and checking out the finer details is the modern replacement for physical interaction when shopping online. Many online outlets have begun to adopt this new way of displaying their products as it improves customer experience, but it is also showing signs of dramatically improving conversion from browsing into sales. In early research undertaken by Hidden Creative, “They found the likelihood of a consumer making a purchase after experiencing an augmented version of a product increased by 135%, versus looking at a product image.” Pretty impressive hey?

Whilst online shopping may never replace the real thing for some, it may convert others into taking the chance with an online item. By using technology to improve the ways we can look at something online, how we can put it into context whether that is how a pair of trousers looks with a particular top or how a sofa will look with patterned cushions, both our user experience and our chances of buying will both improve significantly.

To learn more about how augmented reality apps and software could be incorporated into your website or how it is likely to revolutionize the world of online shopping contact We Are Spectre on 02381 159767 or visit their website for more details.

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