Industrial Panel PC – A Fisherman’s Friend

industrial panel pc for fishermen

Industrial Panel PCs are irrevocably linked to a long-standing British tradition. At least, they are in this modern world of high technology. Fish on Fridays is ingrained in many of us since childhood. Roman Catholics especially, but also many other Christians, abstain from meat on the day of the week that Jesus died on the cross.

For many of us, that tradition has turned into a treat. A trip to the chippy after work on a Friday is the perfect start to the weekend. But we tend to forget that the tasty battered cod was once swimming in the North Sea. And someone had to catch it.

So hats off to our hard-working fisherman who risk their lives every day to put food on our plates.

industrial panel pc for fishermen

How does a panel PC benefit those at sea?

Years ago, of course, fisherman lived off their wits and their local knowledge. And to a large extent that is still the case. But no right-minded captain would put to sea nowadays without a computer to assist him.

industrial panel pc for fishermen

But a personal computer with a mouse and separate keyboard is not really suited to life at sea. Water and computers do not make for happy bedfellows. Imagine what a wave crashing over the bridge would do to those delicate and exposed electronics. And that’s not to mention the constant salty air.

What was needed was a self-contained and sealed unit. That’s where an industrial panel PC comes in. A sealed and watertight computer with a touch screen monitor is ideal for any harsh environment.

Where else should a panel PC be used?

I hope none of you have ever accidentally split a cup of coffee over your computer keyboard. If you have, you’ll be fully aware of the problems that causes.

An industrial panel PC solves that problem. That’s why they are often used in hospitals as anti-bacterial wipes won’t damage them. Or in food processing factories where a swift hose down to maintain scrupulous cleanliness will do no more than leave a shiny surface.

An industrial touch screen monitor is perfect for a dusty factory floor or for the use of the public in, say, a bank or at a railway station for buying a ticket. These, of course, are just examples. We are actually surrounded by them.

industrial panel pc for fishermen

What are embedded systems?

All panel PCs are fitted with embedded systems. But what are they? Embedded PC systems are those clever bits of electronic wizardry that merrily toil away for year after year happy in their own small worlds deep inside virtually everything you can think off.

Sometimes referred to as ‘fit and forget’, embedded systems are designed and programmed to perform a specific task. They can be found in your digital watch, your washing machine and in those traffic lights that make your daily commute longer.

industrial panel pc for fishermen

Did you realise that you were using embedded PC systems as part of your daily routine? Could imagine what life would be like without them?

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