Additional Services At Excell Metal Spinning

Excell Metal Spinning are a leading metal spinning company however that’s not all they do. They offer an extensive range of additional services which support their business. By having these additional services clients may need, they will help save their client time and costs.

Interested in Excell Metal Spinning? Take a look at their additional services:

Standard Polished Finish: As well as designing and creating metal spun products, Excell can also polish them in house. This service will improve the look of the metal parts and prevent corrosion, contamination and oxidisation.

TIG & MIG Welding: TIG & MIG welding are both electronic arc welding processes which are used to join metal spun products together. Whilst the result of TIG and MIG welding are very similar the processes are different.

Powder Coating: Powder coating is a great way to add colour to your metal spun products. After applying a free flowing dry powder, it is then cured and heated to form a hard skin over the metal. Powder coating is much longer lasting than other traditional paints. This is the best solution to colouring your metal spun products.

Galvanising: You galvanise metal in order to prevent it rusting. If the metal products are likely to be hit by natural elements such as water/rain this is definitely a service worth looking into.

Laser Cutting: If your metal spun products need detailing, sections cut into them or removed,  then laser cutting will be the most accurate and effective process. Excell offer this as an additional service.

Metal Fabrication: Fabrication is simply the building of metal structures using a number of cutting, bending and assembling techniques. These techniques can include anything from hammering and sawing to welding, riveting and binding.

Whilst you may think that Excell Metal Spinning can only produce metal spun products, their additional services listed above are a great stream of revenue for the company. These services will definitely help to aid the lifespan of their products.

If you wish to contact Excell then you’ll find all their information on the website. They also have a latest news section so you can keep on top of what’s been happening.


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