Metal Spinning Toys for Adults – Would you have a go?

The Spun Chair
The Spun Chair - metal spinning toys for adults

I have blogged before about one of the oldest toys, the metal spinning top, so you can imagine my excitement on the discovery of revolutionary metal spinning toys for adults. Well when I say toy, it is actually a chair…well sort of. Intrigued?

Imagine the sight in London’s Southbank Centre’s Square, suited grown adults reaching the heights of dizziness in what replicates a children’s playground. Well, take a look for yourself.



What is a Spun?

Spuns, as seen in the video, can be most simply described as ergonomic metal spinning chairs. They are a revolutionary design by Thomas Heatherwick which was showcased at the 2015 London Design Festival. If you have a penchant for cutting edge furniture design a Spun could be for you.

Where did the idea come from?

Heatherwick had encountered the art of metal spinning whilst working with a silversmith in his college days, who produced trophies and goblets from large flat sheets of silver. Could this have been the beginning of his Spuns idea? He asked himself the question:

“If it was possible to make large drums from spun metal, might it be possible to make a chair with with a completely rotational symmetrical form?”

Surely this would be possible using the art of metal spinning, usually used to produce items such as metal drums, lampshades and finials. It appears from the result that it is indeed possible.

Where did the inspiration come from?

I can’t help but liken the Spun to the Sit ‘n’ Spin toy my children used to go crazy for when they were toddlers. Hours of fun just spinning around and negotiating their way around the the furniture afterwards.



Although a similar concept I am sure the Spun is designed for a much more relaxing, rocking experience, although with with addition of age, the fun element must feel much the same.

In Summary

It is great to see such cutting edge design in furniture pieces, produced using skills that go back to the time of Artisans. I am simply jealous that I haven’t had the chance to have a go in this wonderful metal spinning chair myself. It also leaves me intrigued as to what will be showcased at this year’s London Design Festival.

What do you think of the Spun? Is it something that you would have a go in or perhaps order for your business? Share our thoughts with us in the comments.

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