Mobile Apps Are Dead they Say – I don’t Think So!

Mobile Apps are Dead they Say

Aren’t mobile devices just amazing. There are so many apps available to help you with a vast array of things. Apps that I find particularly useful are those apps that help you to find out local information, making everywhere feel familiar and just like home. The future is set to see mobile apps take on an even more interactive nature too, and even to become life partners. Mobile apps are dead they say, I don’t think so.

Whether you are visiting London for a short city break and need to find the sights, looking for property lettings in Southampton or perhaps looking for love in Manchester the information to make the most of your location sits at your fingertips. Take a look at these mobile apps that we couldn’t live without and that make life so much simpler:


Traipsing around the high street visiting estate agents on a precious weekend is most definitely a thing of the past. Property apps allowing you to look for many types of property for buying or renting. Ones that we think are useful are:

Zoopla – Described as an essential property resource this app helps buyers, sellers and owners to make educated property decisions.

Rightmove – A property portal that allows you to search properties to buy or rent all over the UK.

Knocker – this fun property app allows you to look for, or just nose at, properties based on your current location. Described as “Tinder for Houses” it is fun to use to find out how much it would cost to live in a location you are visiting.

There are no just apps for finding properties, although being able to look around properties on your phone is amazing, they can help with mortgages and interior design too. If you are a buy-to-let landlord there are even apps that allow you to do background checks on your potential tenants like Legal 4. Very useful.


Not one every said finding “the one” is easy, but is it certainly easier with the help of dating apps. Up until a few years ago you would have to have been sat at your desktop PC to hook up with potential partners. Now, it is all at your fingertips on your smartphone, much more secure and sensitive than trying to sneak a look on your profiles in the office at lunch time. Well, you never knew when the office gossip was hanging around did you? Here are the apps that we like: – This app comes from one of the leading dating websites. It allows you to meet singles and keep in touch with your matches on the move.

Tinder – For many young people Tinder is their dating world. It is a pocket sized method of meeting the partner of your dreams, or hooking up with new friends. And you guessed it…it is always available and works on location too.

Plenty of Fish – This is a dating site that claims to be completely free. On this site, you don’t have to pay to message anyone, view profiles or meet. For this reason, POF tends to be a very popular site.


Just how many times have you had some spare time only to waste it searching and even arguing about what to do with it. Well, no more! Make the most of your free time by using a reliable events app that will provide you with results based on your location, great if you are visiting a city that you aren’t too familiar with or if you have moved to a new area. Here are our favourites that will get you out enjoying yourself:

Vamosthis is the app that always knows the events that are going on around you. You can follow your friends and see what they are up to too.

AroundMe – Provides information about your surrounding, the nearest petrol station, chemist or restaurants and much more.

Google Maps – no longer just a map app, you can also use the search bar to find shopping, food and drink and fun.

So as you can see, we certainly don’t think that mobile apps are dead and we are looking forward to them developing further and becoming life partners. Telling us we need to purchase a birthday card as we walk past Clintons, advising us to check for a water leak because the bill has gone up, offering money off as we pass our favourite supermarket. Anything that will make my life easier is met with open arms. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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