Why You Should Work With A Professional Translation Agency

professional translation agency

With technological advances, there is much more inter-connectivity in the world, meaning that more and more people and businesses are interacting with others from different cultures and languages.

It’s easy to find online translation services that will translate for you the very basics of a certain word, phrase and sentence from another language – but are they 100% accurate? Likely not.

The online translation services don’t take into account the different cultural nuances, grammar, idioms, metaphors and colloquialisms, meaning that what is translated will be incorrect. Effective communication is vital and professional translation agencies can bridge these cultural and linguistic gaps, accurately translating concepts. There are advantages that come with hiring a professional translation agency.




No two translation companies are the same and neither are two translators, but professional translation companies such as Glocal Media offer a service that is unparalleled anywhere else. They employ the use of a professional multidisciplinary team ranging from translators and editors to proofreaders and project managers, ensuring accuracy and high quality every step of the way. They are experienced in dealing with industry-specific information and projects utilising multiple languages. One translator may be brilliant at translating work for a particular industry in a certain language, but may lack the necessary experience to accurately translate in the same language for a different industry. This is where professional translation companies are highly useful – they can match each stage of the process with the appropriate expert linguists, guaranteeing that the translation is culturally, linguistically, and grammatically correct.


A professional translation company can commit to large projects that an individual freelance translator cannot. They have an abundance of resources, staff and software (including audio-visual translation), which is crucial with larger projects involving multiple languages, as there will certainly be a need for several translators. A translation agency will also apply up-to-date industry tools, managing time, costs and language consistencies more efficiently.


Not only are translation agencies fluent in multiple languages, they know how to maintain the style and tone of the documents translated. It’s not enough for the document to just make sense in the target language – if you want a medical text, it needs to read as a medical text; if you want the text to be a legal document, it needs to read as a legal document. You need consistency and translation agencies can deliver this expertise. Professional translators can capture the true essence of the text when translating and convey the message in the correct context. Specialised translators spend time training in a certain field to help fine-tune their translations, ensuring that texts are accurately conveyed.

If you don’t want any work to be lost in translation, contact Glocal Media today. Also working in transcription and in over 200 languages across a myriad of sectors, their professional translation service ensures that your message can be delivered precisely to all corners of the world.


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