Southampton Economy Boosted by The Boat Show

Run by National Boat Shows, the Southampton Boat Show 2017 is a world-class annual event attracting top individuals around the world. Held in Mayflower Park every September,  the 10 day event is the biggest event in the City of Southampton. With over 110,000 visitors annually, the on-water boat show is a massive sales platform, not just for UK businesses, but international businesses too.  It goes without saying that not only will the Southampton economy and marine industry see a generous boost – plenty of other industries will also benefit too.

Drinks & Beverages

With hundreds of thousands of visitors attending the boat show each year, Southampton’s drink industry will naturally see a huge spike in sales.  One such business in the food and drink industry that would benefit from the Southampton Boat Show are slush drinks companies. England’s south coast still sees warm spells of weather at the beginning of the Autumn season and cool slush drinks from commercial slush machines will keep boat show visitors hydrated and comfortable under the sun throughout their time at the event. You can find out how to make your own slush drinks here.

slush drinks, commercial slush machines

Southampton Accommodation

There are huge and positive impacts on Southampton’s service industry each September, with thousands of visitors seeking out accommodation in order to attend the event. Serviced accommodation in Southampton are in desirable locations around the city and are designed for people to live in rather than stay in (like hotels). They provide the same convenience and maintenance service as hotels, but with the freedom of being at home.  This makes properties for short term let in Southampton perfect for those attending the famous boat show, with the freedom they need to fully enjoy the event.

short term lets Southampton

Sailing Courses & Yacht Charter

Each September, the sailing industry sees a vast surge in sales due to the boat show and in the heart of the Solent, you can try out  RYA sailing courses and Solent yacht chartering at your chosen reputable Solent Sea School.  The boat show will inspire people to try out sailing, and the with the South’s reliable reputation for qualified instructors, this industry will be kept busy with bookings from September through to the following year. Thank you for the Southampton economy boost Boat Show.

Southampton Boat Show, RYA Sailing Courses, solent yacht chartering

Branded Promotions

As the boat show is world famous and Britain’s biggest boating festival, it goes without saying that each visitor will be inundated with branded promotions. From bags, pens and t-shirts, to drinkware and confectionery, we can be certain that you won’t be able to attend the event without seeing an array of branded promotional items and branded packaging. The orders for promotional companies will have been flooding in all year long for the perfect promotional items to be ready for the event.

branded promotional items, branded packaging, branded promotions, confectionery

Live Event Bands

Adding to the hyped-up atmosphere of the event is the live entertainment. At the Southampton Boat Show 2017, there were two live music stages, with amazingly varied cover bands. With live event bands from all genres, ranging from pop and rock to classical and soul, the Southampton Boat Show presents the best that British music has to offer. Thanks to this boost in the Southampton economy, live music entertainment agencies could see their acts bookings soar. 

live bands, event bands, cover bands

Taxi and Courier Drivers

With the show attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, there will be a huge impact on traffic going into and out of the City of Southampton. An upswing of work for taxi and courier drivers is to be expected each September and this is where insurance for courier vehicles comes in.  Given the huge impact on traffic in Southampton every September, it’s a good idea to check the insurance.

courier drivers, taxi drivers, insurance for courier vehicles

Other industries not mentioned such as the food industry will also benefit enormously from this Southampton economy boost thanks to the 10 day Southampton Boat Show. Attending the event next year? Would you like to see the businesses mentioned contributing to the boat show? Let us know in the comments.  

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