You Can Be Everywhere and Nowhere With New TV Tec

Television Technology
Television Technology allows TV to be Everywhere and Nowhere

These days I am sure you will not enter a home that does not have a television, in fact, most of us have a few. I know that my home, with two teenagers and a toddler, seems to be overrun with them and it is still rare that you get to watch your favourite programme in real time.

Televisions, although slimmer and thinner, are getting larger and larger and most dominate the look of any room in the home. However, it is not just television technology that is always progressing but also the way in which we display them.

Television technology allows us to put a television almost anywhere in our home, actually, I can’t think of a place you couldn’t put one. Look at these amazing cutting edge designs they are a far cry from the standard led bathroom mirror:

TV Everywhere

LED Mirror TVs

A television that can be converted into a mirror to offer a sympathetic solution to your interior design. A touch of luxury for any lounge or bathroom. Yes, that’s right there are even waterproof versions for the bathroom.

Mirror in the Bathroom – or is that a TV?

The ultimate led mirror tv technology for the bathroom provides both waterproof and mist free technology without compromising the TV picture. And when the TV is off your mirrored bathroom cabinet simply looks like just that, and is back to its illuminated mirror state. Genius!

Mirror mirror on the wall – or is that a TV?

Television is often described as the plug-in drug, but it is not necessary for your choice of drug to be on full display. LED Mirror TV technology lends the opportunity to add a stylish addition to your living space. Hang a beautifully framed mirror above your mantlepiece that transforms into a spectacular HD TV when turned on.

Outdoor TVs

How often is a top sporting event on when you are holding a barbecue or dining alfresco? Frustrating right? Well with the advancements in television technology there are now fully weatherproof televisions designs to take pride of place in any garden or on any terrace or deck. Although the British weather can’t be changed your outdoor viewing experience certainly can.

TV Nowhere

We have talked about disguising your television with LED Mirror TV technology, but there are other ways too.

Ottomans and Pop-up TVs

For many years, people have hidden their TV in a cabinet with doors which have been flung open to watch. However, the doors often got in the way of the television picture, with people trying to watch around corners. Well, TV cabinet designs have certainly moved on. Your TV can now be hidden in a beautiful Ottoman with an internal mechanism  that “pops up” and retracts your TV as it is used.

Flip Around Mounts

You can also disguise your TV as a piece of wall art. Using a flip around wall mount your television can be displayed as a piece of your favourite art or a family portrait on one side, flip it over and it is your top of the range HD TV.


Today’s technology really does allow for TVs to be everywhere, or indeed nowhere. Well of course, they are there but you don’t necessarily have to be able to see them all of the time.


Do you think you home would be more relaxing with your TVs out of sight? Or is watching the TV how you relax? Let us know in the comments.

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