What Do Metal Spinners Make? It Will Surprise You!

What do Metal Spinners Make
What do Metal Spinners Make

When we mention metal spinning the heavy manufacturing industry springs to mind with mass production of planters, metal light fittings, finials, and masses of small metal components that go on to become part of major technology such as satellites.

Scouring the internet, for I don’t know what now, it is so easy to become distracted and go off on a complete tangent, I always learn some very interesting things. For example did you know that metal spinning was involved in making these items?

The Worlds Darts Trophy

Gary Anderson, the World Darts Champion of 2015, has probably not given a thought to the manufacture of the fine trophy he held aloft on 4 January 2015 when claiming his title.   The globe at the top  of the trophy was expertly created by metal spinners, along with the darts he threw. So Gary Anderson would neither have been able to play or win at his sport without the skills of metal spinners. In fact without the art of metal spinning darts players could still be yielding wooden arrows.

Game of Thrones Dragons Egg

For those of you that don’t know, which includes me, Game of Thrones is a fantasy tv program that is based on the A Song of Ice and Fire book series which were written by George R R Martin. The first book in the series is named The Game of Thrones, hence the name of the show.

A Dragons Egg is a major feature of the story and is an icon of show. It was made using the technique of repousse, chasing and metal spinning. Crafted metal spinners not only formed the shape of the egg but also finish it off with numerous metal scales.

Captain America’s Shield

Captain American’s Shield is not only his form of defence, but it is also a major weapon when thrown like a frisbee. The original shield as depicted in the Marvel comics was triangular, although later became round as Captain America moved onto the big screen. The shield with its central five point star is another iconic item that was created by metal spinners.


Who would have thought that those three very diverse items came about using the art of metal spinning and that you could learn such information on the internet. I am beginning to believe that Google really does know everything, the answer to our question “What do metal spinners make?” is surely proof.

What have you learned on the internet recently? Share with us in the comments.


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