What does a Hot Tub Engineer do?

Hot tub engineer, a career choice that has become more available since the UK’s newly found obsession with hot tubs and spas. To be able to continue lavishing in the relaxation of your treasured hot tub, regular hot tub maintenance should be carried out by an expert. This is where a hot tub engineer comes in.

The role of a hot tub service engineer or technician is to repair, service and maintain all types of spas and hot tubs whether they are on-ground or in-ground. It is a trade that encompasses many skills and values.

The required skills for the role include:

  • Interpreting technical specifications on all forms of media.
  • A good working knowledge of rules and regulations with respect to hot tub placement and structures, which should include building regulations, trade regulations and electrical practices.
  • Repair of faulty parts and components and their installation.
  • An aptitude in the use of hand tools, glues and lubricants.
  • Time management skills to enable working to schedules and within designated timescales.
  • Accurate recording and maintenance of service records and meter readings.
  • To be able to work well with the general public and display good customer care.

As well as working outside for the majority of the year working in the residential arena, engineers should be adaptable and be comfortable working in a commercial environment too. Prior to homeowners, the prevalent hot tub market was that of travel and tourism, which continues to flourish.

Many hot tub maintenance engineers may start out as apprentices for established companies and then over time move on to own their own maintenance companies. This is definitely a career path that holds many opportunities in what is a growing market.

Many providers of hot tubs offer intensive maintenance programs with varying options. With many hot tub owners unable to maintain their own hot tubs due busy lives full of work commitments, childcare, holidays and life’s general ups and downs their hot tubs can soon become neglected.  A care package for the hot tub becomes a necessity and therefore so does the role  a hot tub engineer.

Are you a hot tub engineer? Do you agree that this is a lucrative market that is on the up? Let us know in the comments.


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