What is the point of business software?

Business Software

Business software is essential for any business, not only to assist with it’s running but to make it run more efficiently. Business software solutions also come with the opportunity to cut costs and move towards a paperless environment too. Ideally, it will also help you to increase and measure productivity and make your workforce and processes more efficient.

So just what areas of the business can benefit from business software solutions?

Project Management Business Software

The discipline of project management includes the planning, resource management, and organising of a project to bring all its goals and objectives to successful completion. There are a lot of areas of the business to juggle, which is where project management software comes in. It enables you to manage the whole delivery lifecycle through one interface.

Sounds good. But how do you go about finding the right software?

There are a vast amount of project management software solutions available many of which are industry specific, which narrows down your search. Construction software and project management software are just a couple of examples. Here are some others:

Accounting Business Software

Account software packages help professionals to manage the business accounts. The software automates and manages things like:

  • Accounts receivable – a record of monies paid to the company
  • Accounts payable – a record of the company’s bills and the payments made against them
  • General ledger – a record of all transactions related to company assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses.
  • Billing – used to create the company’s customer invoices.
  • Stock – a complete record of the company’s stock holding
  • Purchase ledger – a record of all purchases made by the company
  • Sales ledger – a record of all the company sales

The levels of accounting software available vary greatly and  can range from simple single entry systems to much more sophisticated double entry systems.

Customer Relations Management Software

CRM Software (Customer Relations Management Software) is used to manage the strategies and practices that are used by the company to manage their customer and client relationships. These systems allow you to record all customer interactions throughout the lifecycle of the business relationship.

CRM Software improves client relationships which leads to higher customer retention and thus increased sales. The system collates details of all customer interaction with the company from the various channels available, which may include:

  • Telephone
  • Company Website
  • Direct Mail
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media  

This type of software is invaluable for those in customer facing job roles. It places the customer details, buying preferences, purchase history, and any reported concerns or issues right at their fingertips.

Time Keeping and Task Management Software

Also knows as time tracking software, this category of software is used to record any time that is spent on carrying out specific tasks. It used across many industries but is most commonly seen in businesses that charge their customers by the hour. These could include:

Human Resources Management Software

This type of software can be known as either HRMS (Human Resources Management Software) or HRIS (Human Resources Information Software). Either way, it is used to automate the tracking of holidays, absence and time recording, training records, performance reviews and government reporting.

Many systems allow you to store private employee information, track their employment history and compile documents such as employee handbooks.

HR Management Software is designed to make your company more efficient and organised.


Years ago running a business or managing a project consisted of three things, a pencil, a notebook and a plan. Well, nothing stays the same forever and things move on. Technology has certainly progressed and as a business owner so should you. Use the technology that is available to you and work smarter and for more profit.


Is there a particular software package that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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