What Role do Security Personnel Play?

What role do security personnel play
What role do security personnel play

We see manned guarding on a daily basis whether we are shopping, taking a trip to the hospital or simply going to work. But what role do security personnel play?

Their primary role is to protect and secure commercial and private properties, which is also known as manned guarding. They work closely with the police and other emergency service professionals and whilst they do not have the authority of a police officer they can sometimes be armed and in some cases are able to make arrests.


Security personnel, also known as security guards or security officers, ensure that safety codes are enforced whilst patrolling and protecting people and property. Depending on the grounds that they are responsible for and their training they can either be armed or unarmed. This will also be dependent on the level of training they have received and whether the company they are employed by is licenced. In a medical emergency, a security office can also be called upon to work alongside the fire, police or ambulance services.


A security guard’s responsibilities will vary according the industry they are working in, they are required in all kinds of organisations.

Although no specific qualifications are required to begin working in security, a good level of education is required as well as an SIA licence (Security Industry Authority).

Responsibilities of the role can include:

  • Static duties which are described as monitoring the interior or exterior of a property using surveillance equipment (security cameras) (CCTV)
  • Mobile duties which involve the surveillance of property either on foot or in vehicles.
  • The guarding of valuables or cash in a security vehicle whilst they are transported between locations.
  • Airport security that can involve the searching of aircraft, luggage of passengers and the patrolling of premises boundaries.
  • Supervising the entrance and exit points of large organisations.
  • The maintenance of accurate records and report which may be used in a court of law.
  • The handling and care of guard dogs.
  • Using customer care skills in duties that involve the general public, which could include the signing in and out of visitors and giving directions.
  • Maintaining a reasonable level of physical fitness in case the need arises to restrain people found trespassing on private property.

In Summary

So what role do security personnel play? Quite simply a security guard’s duties and responsibilities will vary greatly depending on the type of organisation they work for. For example if working in a hospital the job role will be centred around protecting patients, medical staff and equipment. However, retail security guard’s roles will focus on preventing theft and shoplifting.

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