10 Chiropractor Marketing Ideas To Increase Business

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Growing a thriving chiropractic business isn’t always straightforward. In a busy and increasingly competitive landscape, how do you attract new patients? How do you outperform your local competition?

A robust, tailored, and scalable chiropractor marketing strategy will help you do exactly that ー secure a steady stream of customers and be the best in your area. To help you develop this, we’ve put together ten chiropractic marketing ideas you can use to grow your business and achieve the results you deserve.

Focus on developing your website

Your website serves as a centralised hub for your products, services, and other business information. It is likely the first place your prospective customers will go to learn more about your services. As such, it is essential that your website is well-optimised, clearly outlining all things relating to your services with strong, consistent branding.

You also need to consider search engine optimisation (SEO) when improving your website. When prospective patients need a chiropractor, they will turn to the internet for a solution. When somebody searches for “chiropractor” or “chiropractor near me” (to name a couple of search examples), your chiropractic practice needs to be in the top search results in your local area.

Remember, it’s about making yourself discoverable and ensuring it is easy for potential customers to create a booking with you.

Encourage customer reviews

This works hand-in-hand with utilizing customer testimonials as user reviews present an unbiased account of your products and services. This again will help you boost the credibility of your business for those who are deciding to use your services.

Work on developing ways to encourage reviews on your website and across review sites. Managing negative reviews is also a crucial part of reputation management. Negative reviews left without attention can negatively impact your reputation. 

Make an effort to respond to negative reviews and work towards a resolution. This will showcase to those interested in services that you are making proactive efforts to improve your service and that you have your customer’s interests at heart. 

Post testimonials from your current clients

Now more than ever, people need to trust you and the quality of your services. Effective branding will work wonders when it comes to communicating a high-quality service. Shining a light on your customers’ positive experiences, however, is a great way to boost your credibility and showcase the quality of your work.

Aim to include specific details about the issue(s) a client had and outline how your treatment has resolved their problems and improved their life. A reel or carousel of quote-based testimonials on your website is a great starting point to humanise your brand and build more authenticity. 

If you have the resources for it, consider getting your customers in front of a camera and putting together a short video for several testimonials.  

Leverage impactful video content marketing to showcase your services

Video content is a highly effective way to engage your audience. It’s always a good idea to show, not tell, what makes your practice special and why it is worth their time. Video content is an excellent visual tool to do this, and any content you create can also be easily scaled across your digital marketing touchpoints.

Consider a promotional video to proudly broadcast your practice, staff, and services. People need to be shown that your business is great, it isn’t enough to just tell them through website text. 

Develop your social media presence and focus on community-building

Social media allows you to reach your audience frequently, at a low cost, and interact with them on a personal level. Having a decent number of followers across social media platforms will also boost your credibility too and increase your reach.

Use your social media profiles to promote your services, and engage your followers with polls, local events, and chiropractic thought leadership. It also helps to deepen your understanding of what the target audience for chiropractors is. This will vary depending on factors such as your price point, level of service etc. but research what messaging resonates with the 45-65 age demographic and tailor your content to appeal to them.

Be social. Post content or questions that will lead to a discussion and use it as an opportunity to gather feedback and respond to customer queries publicly. This will position your company as one that cares for customers and is responsive. 

Offer supplemental products and services

From a business perspective, creating upsell or cross opportunities with supplemental products is a great way to expand your business offering and increase revenue. It is also highly valuable from an online marketing perspective.

A stock of additional products enables you to do several things. You can create blog content around the products you stock, promote them on social media, increase your brand reach with branded products, or get referrals from the companies of products you hold.

Create and refine an email marketing strategy

Email marketing is another low-cost, direct method of reaching your customers in tandem with your other chiropractic marketing ideas. Through this, you can consistently advertise your product and services to those who are customers or those who have shown clear buying intent.

To grow your email contact list, offer discounts on your services or offer limited-time offers in exchange for your audience’s contact information. With this, you can routinely reach them with rich educational material to build thought leadership, company updates such as new services, and more.

This allows you to provide extra value to your customers and keep you at the forefront of their minds once they require chiropractic services.

Capitalise on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC advertising is complex, and most will turn to an agency to manage it, but it is incredibly rewarding when it comes to getting more clients. PPC ads are highly targeted and allow you to capture those who are actively searching for the services you can provide.

One of the benefits of leveraging PPC initiatives is that it is very customisable, allowing you to closely control your budget and the ads you use to communicate your services. This is one to research extensively, but start small, focus on understanding your audience and bring those to your site that are most likely to use your services. 

Maintain a consistent, quality wellness blog

It’s a great idea to educate your audience and provide value outside of the traditional products and services you provide. Create a calendar for the topics you’d like to create blogs around and be consistent.

Well-optimised blogs are also a great way to improve your organic SEO, allowing you to raise your website’s traffic and rank higher on search engines by working in unison with your Google Ads. Given how important SEO is in improving your digital presence and driving more traffic to your website, this is arguably one of the most important chiropractic marketing ideas to consider.

It also provides the opportunity for you to partner with other chiropractors for guest blogs. While this does require you to develop relationships with external vendors, it allows for great content and helps you secure more backlinks from other relevant sites.

Create a buzz with press releases

The more traditional methods should never be undervalued. Traditional ad space, word-of-mouth marketing, and press releases are still valuable ways of growing your firm.

Press releases enable you to inform your audience about the exciting things that occur within your company. This could be if your company wins an award, if you’ve contributed to a community event or project, or even if your business has expanded and you’ve opened up an additional location.

This helps give your brand more of a personality and create more of a buzz around your chiropractic office and it exemplifies your commitment to providing value outside of your core services.

Key Takeaways

In summary, a variety of chiropractic marketing strategies can be employed to increase your number of happy patients.

At the cornerstone of every good marketing strategy is a well-optimised website. Well-thought strategies that bring relevant traffic to your website are all well and good. However, if your website doesn’t 1) communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) clearly, 2) make it easy for prospective patients to enquire or make bookings or 3) simply work well, those great marketing strategies can be wasteful. Why bring all those people to your chiropractic website if you can’t convert them?

Traditional methods such as press releases can still be very effective in generating a local buzz. Although, businesses that offer value outside of their core business offerings have a lot more to work with when it comes to increasing their digital presence.


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