4 Ways To Use A Portable Changing Room Block

I work part time in a little members lounge situated inside a secondary school. The club itself backs onto the school playing fields, so we often see the teenagers out playing football and doing athletics. Recently they have purchased a large portable changing room block and have offered us access if we ever want to use it. It’s an attractive building which the company they employed to build it took care to ensure it fits in with its surroundings. It’s next to our club and looks like it’s been there forever.

It got me thinking about the companies that make these type of products and where they generate most of their business from. I Googled a couple of things and some really obvious answers that I hadn’t thought of came up;

Sports Clubs
Most sports club (unless professional) practice on fields with no changing facilities. Teams could benefit from buying portable sports changing rooms. They can be as permanent as you want them to be and come with some great features. Showers, toilets, referee quarters and a medical room. Perfect for Sunday league teams, hockey clubs or an athletic squad.

Just like sports clubs, schools buy these for ease of access. The changing rooms may be on the opposite side of the school to the field so they could come in very handy in saving pupils time changing between lessons. Buying a portable changing room block could also benefit you in the same way if you are refurbishing or doing work to your existing space.

Lots of towns have starting doing mini festivals over the weekend and calling in bands. The bands are getting bigger and better so it could be beneficial to purchase some portable changing rooms so that they can get changed before and after the gig. Getting changed in a cramped backstage space can’t be the most luxurious of choices.

TV and Film
If you’ve ever been an extra in a film or TV show or watched a ‘behind the scenes’ featurette on a DVD then you’ve probably seen a portable changing room block knocking about. Most production companies will take over nearby buildings for this kind of thing, but when filming out in the open they don’t really have a choice and tend to hire or buy some changing rooms. Film changing rooms are incredibly important for the industry and the actors because of their verstility.

There’s actually more companies that deal with this kind of thing than you would think. The top one I found for buying a portable changing room block would have to be Sports Changing Rooms. Their vast selection of designs are there to suit any need. Check out their website today http://sportschangingrooms.co.uk

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