How To Preserve Your iPhone Battery In 4 Ways

For those of you who own an iPhone you’ll know that the battery can go pretty quickly. Whether you use it for gaming, texting or browsing the web you’ll soon find yourself looking for ways you can preserve the battery, apart from doing the obvious such as turning it off or putting it on aeroplane mode.

Owning a smartphone in the UK is a pretty standard thing to have as millions of people own one. Until you can no longer use it people don’t realise how much they take it for granted. An iPhone can do almost anything you iPhone Batterywant a phone to do such as send and receive phone calls/ text messages to taking pictures and listening to music. As well as that you get super cool augmented reality apps which can show you everything from the star sky map to how to find your car in a car park or even helping to navigate you through traffic.

Whilst all of this is really useful and augmented reality apps (especially ones where you’re fighting aliens) are fun to play with, it does rinse your battery power so here are a few things you can do to save the life of your battery.

Turn down the brightness
Unless you’re looking at your phone in broad daylight you won’t need the brightness turned all the way up. Having the brightness on full will waste your battery life and as you don’t need it you might as well turn it down. You can change the battery’s brightness in two ways, you can either go to Settings -> Wallpapers & Brightness -> and then at the top you can chose to set your brightness yourself. If you’ve got the newest iOS 7 update you can swipe your phone from the bottom upwards, and the brightness tab be there as well.

Stop motion
One of the really cool features of iOS 7 is the background motion. In case you haven’t noticed it, it’s the subtle movement of your apps or background image which is called a parallax effect. Although it looks cool it drains your battery. If you want to turn it of you need to go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion, make sure you move the slider to green.

Turn Bluetooth off
People mainly use Bluetooth on their phones when they want to connect it to wireless headset or a hands free devices. When data is being transmitted through Bluetooth you should always expect it to use up more battery power. If you need to preserve your battery then you should turn off your Bluetooth and answer calls as soon as you’ve stopped in a safe location. You can turn off your Bluetooth by going to Settings -> Bluetooth -> then move the slider to off.

Turn off 3G/4G
Having speedy internet is very convenient, especially when you need to look something up or navigate yourself to a certain place quickly. Unfortunately using a fast internet connection will use up your battery power and 4G especially will use it up faster as it requires more battery life to get the quickest data speed. It can be frustrating when it takes longer for something to load but by doing this it will help preserve your battery. You can turn of speedy internet by going to Settings -> Mobile -> then moving the slider to off where it says Enable 3G/4G.

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