5 Reasons To Use Industrial Panel PCs

Finding it difficult deciding what type of computer system to use for your business? In this article the top 5 reasons why you should use industrial Panel PCs are highlighted.

What are Industrial Panel PCs?

Industrial Panel PC’s are an all-in-one industrial computers that have a touch screen panel embedded within them. These systems are often referred to as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and are used by a large variety of businesses in different sectors such as airports, railways, transport, food processing, manufacturing plants, power generation, marine, military and medical.


5 Reasons To Use Panel PCs

Require Less Equipment Compared to PLC Modules

Industrial Panel PCs require less equipment to achieve the same computing operations compared to PLC modules as they are more powerful machines. This is because one Panel PC can be used to carry out all the different parts of a process whereas a large amount of PLC modules use a few Panel PCs when completing the same complex process.

Flexibility and Versatility

Panel PCs are able to store data locally unlike the long established HMI / PLC systems which need to transmit data to servers and therefore the time and costs spent on sending data to and from computer servers is reduced. They also have a much higher computing power than that of a PLC system thus are able to manage complex tasks more easily.

Built-in Touchscreen

The built-in touchscreen enables the entire production line to be controlled from one central point. There are different touch screen types available depending on the sector that the process is needed, they can be resistive or capacitive. A resistive touchscreen is commonly used amongst industrial electronics and relies on the pressure applied by a finger or stylus to touch the screen. The disadvantages of a resistive touch screen is that you may not be able to use it effectively whilst wearing gloves and the thick layer of polycarbonate material might make the screen less clear. A capacitive screen is more sensitive to touch and does not require much pressure to be applied which allows it to be more accurate, however, the number of accidental touches may be higher. It also provides a high quality image with a better contrast and is still functional if the screen were to crack.

Built With Industrial Grade Components

Panel PCs are constructed with industrial grade components that allow them to be used in hazardous or severe environments including:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Wet conditions
  • Strong vibrations and shock
  • Noise reduction
  • Low altitude or pressure

These are called rugged PCs and are designed to operate in the harsh environment or condition they are in, not only with the external properties but also with the internal systems implemented like the cooling systems. They are often installed with a fanless cooling system that allows them to have a prolonged running life, a low failure rate and all in all means that the system can be highly reliable.

Real Time Data Acquisition

Panel PCs are able to provide an excellent visual representation of a control system that is clear and straightforward to use. This allows Panel PCs to present real-time data acquisition and that is beneficial as it increases productivity and allows almost anyone to be able to use the system effectively.

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