7 Ways To Leverage AI In The Field Of Digital Marketing

From robots to self-driving cars, AI has made a huge impact on every facet of our lives. Digital marketing is no exception. Digital marketers can harness the power of AI, automate their digital marketing campaigns and get the best results. AI can help digital marketers understand customer needs and preferences and deliver customised customer experiences.
In this article, you will learn seven ways in which AI can transform digital marketing.

Chat bots

Chat bots will change the face of customer service and automate the whole process. More and more businesses are already using chat bots to deliver automated, real time response to customer queries. Even customers are getting use to chat bots. According to e Consultancy report, 57% of customers prefer live chat to get their query resolved. With customers expecting quick response to their queries, brands can leverage chat bots to deliver instant response. Chat bots can also be used to deal with after sale customers by sending automated follow up messages. As the number of chat-bot application grow, we might see them play an even bigger role in digital marketing in years to come.

Content Creation and Curation

Content creation was usually associated with human creativity and some might argue that no matter how smart AI becomes, they can not replicate the same level of creativity that humans possess and content creation demands. This is about to change. Natural language processing combined with AI in digital marketing, forms a killer combo that can drive content marketing and production.
We have already seen shades of this with some news agencies who are using robots to produce news articles and stories. Moreover, AI can also curate content by scanning the internet based on the subject and can also launch email marketing campaigns. What’s amazing about automated email marketing campaigns is that each recipient will receive a personalised email based on their preferences.

Voice Search

Typing a search query and getting results seems so old school after the advent of voice search. More and more people use their voice to perform a search. According to predictions, 50% of search queries will be voice based by 2020, which clearly shows the growing popularity of voice search. All this was made possible due to AI powered voice assistants and devices that respond to your voice commands.

Digital marketers will have to optimise everything for voice based keywords as they are vastly different from traditional keywords. Users tend to ask questions when searching via voice but they use long tail keywords when performing traditional search. A creative web design agency will have the ability to create websites which are optimised for voice search.

Personalised Product Recommendations

E-commerce giants such as Amazon and others are using AI in digital marketing to deliver personalised product recommendation. They do this by critically analysing customer preferences and buying behaviour. By using these insights, they suggest products and services their customers might be interested in. This has helped eCommerce businesses increase their sales and also keep the audience engaged by personalising the user experience. In addition to this, E-commerce businesses can also benefit from knowing their customers buying habits and can design a well thought out marketing strategy yielding great results.

Digital Advertising

Another area where AI will make the biggest impact is digital advertising. Google and Facebook is taking advantage of AI and machine on their ad platforms to find people that are more likely to take the advertiser’s desired action and show their ads to them. By analysing tons of user information, these ad platforms can now detect your target audience. With an automated action based system in place, Google Ads enable advertisers pay the lowest cost per conversion. Many new platforms will also emerge and use AI to their advantage in digital advertising domain.

Digital advertising is not only on Social Media sites, it can also be used in places like bus stop and gyms. If you are in the health and wellness industry, advertising in gyms with digital signage, for example, can be a really effective way to engage with your target audience.

Predictive Analytics

Brands will use the power of predictive analytics to make a prediction about future outcomes. Predictive analytics can deliver better customer insights, help businesses in lead scoring and lead nurturing. By using the available data, businesses can up sell and cross sell to increase your revenue. Marketers can launch hyper targeted lead nurturing campaigns to move the leads further down the sales funnel. Predictive analysis can also bring together your sales and marketing team and foster collaboration and let you score leads based on its readiness to purchase. Additionally, it can also help with delivering personalised product recommendation by analysing behaviour data of customers.

Better User Experience

When you reach out to customers to purchase a product or sign up for a service, you want the best customer experience. If you get it, you will buy more products from that brand. Brands which combine seamless customer experience with exceptional customer service can win more loyal customers. With AI, digital marketers can design and tailor marketing campaigns for each user, which would make it easier for businesses to convince brands to take desired action. Tailored messages focuses on current context and solving customer problems will have the biggest impact.
A great user experience can keep the user on your website for long and persuading them to explore different sections and pages of your website, taking them one step closer to making the purchase. This would help businesses in increasing conversions. You can also apply AI in UX design and run A/B test to choose the design elements that works. Offer design cues and keep your website navigation simple. This will make it easy for your website visitors to navigate your website.

Avoid clutter and embrace minimalism to give your website a simpler and cleaner look. Use white space across key website elements you want your visitors to focus on. Use visuals to make your website eye catching. Make sure you don’t go overboard because it will make your website sluggish and will hamper the user experience, which would kill the purpose. Add call to action to inspire visitors to take desired action. You can do that with AI focused design.

How do you use AI in digital marketing? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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