5 Ways To Look After Your Granite Worktops

granite worktops

Granite is used for homeowners in a multitude of ways. From staircases to tables and floors, there is no end to the possibilities. The most common use for granite is kitchen worktops due to their picturesque appearance, heat resistance and durability. Granite worktops can last for over 25 years with the right care and protection. This blog will give you five tops for ultimate granite worktop care.

What damages Granite Worktops?

Although granite worktops are extremely hard-wearing, there are a few factors that may cause damage over time. Extreme heat from aluminium pans and oven trays may leave marks so it is advised to put a protective layer such as a wooden chopping board or tea towel between them.
Those of you who are lucky to have diamond rings also need to be careful as these are associated with creating scratches on granite worktops over a long period of time.

How can I look after my Granite Worktop?

This section will show you five top tips for looking after your granite worktops to keep them spick and span.

1. Regular Cleans

It is recommended to clean your worktops down every day with warm soapy water. This will make them shiny, hygienic and help protect against any pesky stains. It is important to make sure you remove any soapy residue so that it does not leave marks as it dries. 

2. Avoid abrasive cleaning products

It is crucial to avoid the use of abrasive cleaners such as metal pads and scourers. Although this is okay to use on laminated surfaces, it will cause scratches and damage the protective layer that usually coats the granite worktop. It is best to use a sponge to clean worktops and stubborn stains. You can actually buy specialist granite worktop cleaners from most supermarket retailers. 

3. Avoid acidic liquids

Acidic liquids such as vinegar, wine, lemon juice and some household products (oven cleaners and kitchen cleaners) can be erosive on granite worktops and can leave them damaged and marked. It is recommended to clean up any accidents immediately.

4. Avoid excessive weight

Putting extreme pressure on your granite worktop can cause it to crack, especially if it is in an unsupported position. You should avoid sitting and standing on your worktop to avoid damages and potential injuries. Fixing cracks in granite worktops is an intricate and potentially expensive process so it is important to be mindful of the amount of weight and pressure you are placing on it. 

5. Get a protective layer

You can buy granite worktop sealers that help prevent damaging liquid spills and scratches. A majority of retailers coat their worktops in manufacturing but it is good to ensure you top this protective layer up every couple of years to ensure maximum protection. You should also invest in a wooden chopping board to avoid chopping directly on the workshop and silicone trivets for placing hot saucepans. Having a protective layer will ensure your worktop is prevented against burns and markings. 


Granite worktops are a great investment for your home – both stylish and long-lasting. By following these tips you can be sure to keep it in tip-top condition. Remember to regularly wipe and clean surfaces, avoid acidic liquids and apply protective layers.

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