All About The Nike+ FuelBand Settlement

Apple and Nike+ litigation case
All you need to know about the Nike+ FuelBand Settlement

Earlier on this year Apple and Nike settled a two year court case that challenged their advertising claims regarding the Nike+ FuelBand health tracker. The court case alleged that Nike and Apple both made misleading statements about the FuelBand’s ability to track steps, calories and NikeFuel accurately.

Although Nike and Apple have both denied these allegations, in order for them to avoid the expensive inconvenience and distraction of ongoing litigation funding they’ve agreed to this FuelBand settlement.

What about the consumers?

Consumers who purchased one of these health bands between 2012 and 2015 might be eligible for a small payment from Nike, alongside co-defendant Apple, had agreed to settle the court case due to the company’s false advertisement over the Apple Nike+ FuelBand capabilities.

Under the court cases settlement this year, customers who purchased the Fuelband between the dates given above, can make a claim for a FuelBand refund which is either a $15 payment (equivalent to around £10) or a $25 gift card (equivalent to around £16) which will be redeemable at a Nike store in the US or online.

Although Apple was included in the court case it is only Nike who will have to pick up all the bills of the settlement, Apple has no responsibility for payments or gift cards.

What actions have the companies involved taken?

Apple have since stopped selling the Nike+ FuelBand and other fitness trackers whilst Nike have discontinued making new FuelBands in order to focus on software for their other devices.

Further information

For customer who have bought a Nike+ Fuelband between January 2012 and June 2015, you can find out more about the settlement via this website

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