Tractor Attachments and Implements – Choices, Choices!

Tractor Hedge Cutter Attachment

I wonder how many people become farmers after a childhood dream of driving a tractor? Or perhaps it’s a yearning to live in the country away from the city hustle and bustle and noisy or overlooking neighbours. Either way one of the most essential investments a farmer will make will be for his tractor, a vital piece of equipment that not only makes the job fun but also very productive, they even become collectors items for some.

Modern technology, effective designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques, make a tractor much more than just a tractor. It can be transformed into many things thanks to clever tractor attachments and implements.

At the Front of the Tractor

Front-end loader

The front-end loader attachment is an industry standard fitting on most compact tractors, with the utility bucket attachment coming as standard.  The bucket attachment allows you to carry out tasks such as digging, lifting, loading and spreading materials, and transporting heavy bulky objects around the farm.

The bucket can be swapped for other attachment specific for the task in hand, for example:

Snow bucket – ideal if you live in areas of heavy snow.

Pallet forks – turn your tractor into a forklift for lifting and shifting feed bales and produce.

Bale Spear – A must for organising and tossing large hay bales.

Boom Pole – Use a boom pole attachment to aid with tree felling and log piling.

The list of attachments for the front end loader attachment is vast, those listed are but a few, making your tractor a versatile piece of farm machinery.

At the Back of the Tractor

Almost all tractors are equipped with a three-point hitch and power take-off at the rear of the tractor which can take a number of attachments including:

Three-point hitch mowers

A mower attachment makes light work of property maintenance. There are a number of mower attachments to choose from that deal with a wide variety of tasks, including:

Rotary Mowers – for long grass, shrubs and saplings to keep land free from woody encroachment and grazing paddocks maintained to a uniform height.

Flail mowers –  as well as for ground-work, flail mowers are also incorporated into tractor hedge cutter attachments which are essential for the maintenance of our hedgerows and protection of wildlife.

Earth Auger

This attachment is invaluable to the farmer who has lots of planting or poles to set into the  ground for fences and small buildings. The time taken to dig holes is reduced to just seconds with the attachment that uses the tractor’s hydraulic pump to power the auger bits.

Rotary Tiller

The Rotary Tiller, or cultivator is a small farmer essential that attaches to the tractor’s  three-point hitch. The Tiller is used to break down heavily compacted or unworked soil for landscaped beds, turf or seed beds.

These are but a few of the many attachments available for tractors. The attachments can be updated or replaced as the need arises and with the changing business model of the land being worked. Make your tractor work for you with the right attachments for the job to optimise your investment and productivity.

Are there tractor attachments and implements that you could not work without, or perhaps one that isn’t giving you the return on investment you expected? Share you views with us in the comments.


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