Are There Benefits to Business Awards?

I was recently trawling through my busy email inbox when I am presented with a “please vote for us email”.  This leaves me wondering if the effort that goes into trying to achieve such awards is worth it to small local businesses.

The company in question, asking for my vote, was the enchanting kids farm in London, Hobbledown.  It is a truly lovely day out, to a theme park that pays great attention to detail in presenting play and discovery to children of a young age. They will of course get my vote, but will they win the category for Best Family Day Out in the What’s on for Junior Awards in 2015?

These types of awards recognise and celebrate those companies, organisations and even individuals that provide outstanding services and experience for their clientele.  So what do the recipients get out of it?


Marketing Opportunities

Even being shortlisted for an award can increase your brand reach and help to promote you business to new customers.  If an award is achieved, or even a runner up position, there is a great opportunity to maximise your PR exposure by updating all of your marketing materials, including digital, with the award logo.  Winning awards can increase your chances of breaking into new markets too.

Business Evaluation

The process of entering for a business award often leads to competitor analysis, after all you need to stand out from the crowd.  This can only help your business in trying to stay a step ahead of the competition and reviewing the best ways to do things, as well as come up with new business ideas.

Seal of Approval

Whether you are simply nominated, a runner up, or the winner of an award it can act as an endorsement for your business.  It is a sign of quality, reliability and trust to your customers both new and old.  It can make your company stand out from it’s competitors and can be great as a sales pitch too!

Employee motivation

There is no doubt that such awards recognise not just the business as a whole but also the hard work and achievement of it’s employees.  An award win can certainly help in boosting staff morale and making them feel proud to be part of a successful company and team.


On reflection, it seems that there are only benefits to striving to win business awards.  Has your company won or been nominated for any business awards?  What effect has it had?  Let us know in the comments.



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