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Imagine it is a brisk autumn day on Oxford Street, as the sun begins to go down your pace begins to quicken. You are on the hunt for the perfect gift, for a loved one or a friend, it doesn’t matter, but it has to be just the right combination of something they’ll love and something that reflects a little of your personal style. A gift isn’t a gift unless it reminds you of the giver so this has to be perfect. Then from the corner of your eye you spot it. Standing out amongst the lose items on the hooks, the crisp, clean edges beckon you whilst a transparent window acts like a crack in some curtains, giving you the briefest glimpse into what’s contained within. You go over, pick it up. There are no creases or torn edges, it is smooth to the touch, solid but light as a feather. The embossed emblem demonstrates the quality of the inside on the outside and with that you have entered your pin number, collected the bag it is placed within and you’re gone.

That is the power of good packaging.

British Tags know this.

Established in 1947 British Tags has been providing creative and innovative solutions to your brand packaging and labelling needs for more than half a century. Their environmentally conscious catalogue of items has grown exponentially over the years, resulting in an unparalleled range of products and a client list to match. Flat Pack Boxes have been snapped up by brands including Animal, Hunter and Cath Kidston to name but a few.

Working globally with big brands and start up businesses alike, British Tags are the go to site for all your ticket, tags, bags and flat pack box needs. I challenge you to walk through a department store without seeing multiple examples of their work. I would go as far to say as you have probably bought an item or two for yourself or a friend over the years.

If you are in need of innovative, eye catching, quality packaging then contact British Tags today. Your products could be catching someone’s eye before you know it.

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