The 21st century is turning into one of great change

Driven by the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to diesel-powered machinery and products which come with a high carbon foot print attached, Firefly Solar have become the market-leading experts in the design and manufacture of portable and permanent solar power generators. So successful are they in harnessing the globe’s natural, renewable energy sources that Coca-Cola asked them to get in touch….


Described as the ‘world’s most valuable brand,’ Coca-Cola have been working on being more environmentally friendly for a number of years now. Their ‘Swap for Swag’ campaign has been rolled out at music festivals across the UK and Europe to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage festival goers to recycle. But they wanted to do more; they wanted to truly practice what they preached. So Coca-Cola reached out and commissioned Firefly Solar to design an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional power supply that they used to power their ‘Swap For Swag’ experience. The new look generators had to have the ability to power a large plastic bottle compactor and a production office including a variety of lighting demands.21st century

Firefly Solar didn’t hesitate in getting started on this fantastic project and created two standalone solar power systems. Each of these systems comprised of three 5kW Cygnus solar generator systems, configured to provide a three-phase 5kW electrical supply. Thanks to this design, Coca-Cola have been able to stand by their 2011 pledge to decrease the carbon footprint of their festival campaigns and in turn improve the footprint of their company as a whole. Recycling Director for Coca-Cola Enterprises, Patrick McGuirk said, “Firefly’s portable solar generators are an important capital investment to ensure the footprint of our Event Recycling activities is minimized.”

Firefly Solar work with a number of large international companies to help find solar alternatives to traditional energy methods. To learn more about Firefly Solar and the work they do, visit:

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