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Cincom Systems are excited to announce that Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. have chosen Cincom Acquire configure, price, quote software solution. Fujitsu Frontech are manufacturers of a wealth of products including, retail point-of-sale terminals, self-checkout systems, kiosks, media solutions, palm vein biometric authentication technology, Ethernet switches, RFID tags and currency handling equipment.

With such a diverse range of products in their repertoire it is imperative that Fujitsu employ the best product configurator on the market, which is why they came to Cincom.  Cincom’s leading product configurator technology will enable Fujitsu to co-ordinate their customers’ multitude of options when ordering technology, as well as establish an efficient quotation and distribution system. This streamline process will help the process of order and purchase be as secure and reliable as Fujitsu are as a brand.

As Fujitsu continues to grow and their customer’s requests require more configurations it is imperative that their product configurator grows with them. “I looked at a number of tier-one systems and ultimately recommended Cincom because it was the easiest to program model rules and provided us with the most flexibility to make changes in the future,” said Kevin Judd, Director of Self-Order Technology at Fujitsu Frontech North America. “We expect that Cincom Acquire will cut our time required to check orders to zero and allow the sales group to build accurate configurations at the point of sale without requiring internal resources to build and check the bill of material.”

It is deliverables like these which put Cincom head and shoulders above its competitors and firmly positions them as the product configurator provider for large multifaceted companies with high demand clientele.

Fujitsu and Cincom have built this new partnership out of trust, predicted profit improvements and more accurate configurations, quotes and proposals.  Since incorporating Cincom’s product configurator, “Acquire has helped Fujitsu transform its business with a simpler and more accurate quoting process, driving up its sales operation’s productivity and efficiency. Fujitsu now has a significant selling advantage over its competitors,” said Brad Fleming, Cincom Sales Manager.

Cincom Acquire is a leader in product configuration technology. Learn more on their website:

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