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Customised Stickers = A Happy Class?

Customised Stickers equaling a happy class is quite a statement and whilst we recognise it isn’t as black and white as that, customized stickers can’t help but impress – their personalised message adding a ‘wow’ factor that could provide the help you need to engage a slightly wayward child or bring a shy one out of their shell.

Stickers are a great way to reward children for a variety of activities both at home and at school. Some families have a teeth-cleaning or room-tidying chart, some teachers use them for on reading or job charts others as a simple ‘well done’ message but for most the focus is to incentivise and motivate positive, good behavior. By receiving a sticker for the successful accomplishment of a task, whether it is added to a chart or displayed proudly on a child’s top, a child knows that what they did was good and that if they continue to do well or do the same activity again, they will receive another. Imagine if this reward sticker was actually a personalised, customised sticker – the impact would be doubled, resulting in an even more rewarding process for the child and the parent or teacher.

Whilst being rewarded for a task makes you feel good, there is something even sweeter about receiving something personal to you.

Classroom Capers’ customised stickers come in an assortment of designs, colours and shapes and can be personalized easily to suit your specific need. What’s more, if there isn’t a design to suit your requirements one can easily be created by simply contacting the Classroom Capers team – designs that can be reused on our web site will be created without any additional cost. Whilst creating your personalised sticker might seem like effort, it really isn’t – the hardest part is usually deciding on the message (we’ve included some ideas on each sticker page). In practice they are incredibly quick to customize and cost effective to produce and the difference in awarding such a personal gift will make an immense difference – just see the smile unfold!

As well as a classroom resource, customised stickers work for an array of events including birthday parties, and events. Anything you can think of, you can create a customized sticker for. So take a look at our comprehensive stickers range, simply head to:

Whilst we know that stickers aren’t the answer to everything, they will definitely make school or home life for kids more colourful, smiley and lots more fun!

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