The Benefits of Construction Software

industry-specific construction software

Could you benefit from industry-specific project management software for your construction business?

This company did:

Running any business is complex, but a construction or home improvement business has additional challenges including the weather, site conditions, customer preferences and contractor coordination to list but a few. Life could be made much simpler with industry specific software or construction software.

It is time to put away the shoe box receipt storage, archive the countless spreadsheets you have been trying to manage and move on from a firefighting approach to your construction projects and get your construction management firmly under control.

Here is how your company will benefit from industry-specific construction software:


An estimate is the first step in any construction project, and the more accurate the estimate the greater the profit potential. Using an integrated construction software solution will enable the fast, accurate production of estimates.

Having confidence in the financial aspects of project estimates will give the benefit of greater negotiating power both with the clients and subcontractors, reducing the risks that are involved in bidding patterns.


There is a fine balance in getting the scheduling of both your labour and material requirements for the job just right. Accurate estimates will also help with this and increase your profit potential.

Accurately estimating materials will reduce the amount of waste on the job, and will ensure excess materials are not lying around open to damage or crime. Under ordering, which could put a stop to a project, will also be reduced.

Labour requirements will also be better managed with only necessary staff being on the payroll and working with all the materials and tools they need.

Document Management

Spreading your document management across spreadsheets, word processing and emails makes for a very disjointed system and often one that is not accessible, sitting on the project manager’s hard drive.

Project management construction software provides a single repository for all of the project documents where they can be backed up. This means that the documentation can never be lost and an audit trail is evident for every project.

Having all of the project information on hand allows for better decision making leading to more profitable business outcomes.

Standardisation of Processes

Process standardisation exudes professionalism and provides a standard method for the company of managing jobs and projects.  A consistent look and feel to all project  documentation will also enhance brand awareness for clients, and the standard process will allow employees to easily learn the company systems. It will also allow for employees to move between jobs within the company without a vast learning curve.

Cost Control

Real time cost data is vital for controlling the costs on a project. Being able to view budgets and costs within a couple of clicks is key to protecting the profit of the project. Access to this type of financial information can also provide vital warning signs of any issues for the project to run smoothly. For example, it could highlight at an early stage if the project is going to overrun or if there are any scheduling issues with labour or materials, which presents timely opportunities to get any project back on track.

Can you afford to continue running your construction business without industry-specific construction software?

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