David vs. Goliath: The Litigation Version

To often in life people with money and influence can bully their way out of a situation, even if they are wrong. Not ones to let this kind of injustice lie, Woodford Litigation provided litigation funding and legal support in a situation just like this, in order to see wrongs righted and the help the little guy come out on top.


The claim in question had been running for approximately 2 and a half years. Day after day David was fighting an up hill battle against Goliath but funds were running out. It was clear to Woodsford Litigation that they could

After a lengthy 2-week hearing the arbitrator ruled in favour of David on all counts and Goliath was defeated. Thanks to the additional litigation funding from Woodsford David was able to regain the strength to make that final push for justice and in doing so defeat Goliath. A victory for David, yes, a victory for little guys everywhere, most definitely. help David defeat Goliath by providing him with financial support and access to legal assistance. The injection of $1m, a stronger legal team and a QC with a reputation for not letting bullies win saw David reinvigorated and his claim start to push back against Goliath.

Describing themselves as a litigation funding company who has both ‘deep pockets and an acute understanding of the legal process,’ Woodsford move quickly in situations like these. Thanks to their strong and powerful legal team and extensive network of contacts they can construct the right team for the right case quickly. This speed and accuracy makes them a formidable force, one you’d want behind you.

If you are currently seeking litigation funding and feel that Woodsford Litigation could be the support system you need, visit their website today: http://woodsfordlitigationfunding.com

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