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Relaxing in a warm bath is a great pleasure for many people and mobility or infirmity problems don’t have to mean you miss out on the joy of immersing yourself in a luxurious bubble bath. Fitting a walk in shower bath is one way you’ll cope with ongoing mobility and safety concerns, yet still be able to soak in the tub at any time.

Bathing and showering can become challenging tasks for older people and the therapeutic value of lying back in a deep, warm bath can be greatly missed if a utilitarian shower unit is fitted. The range of walk in shower baths on the market today means you don’t have to lose out on this pleasure in life. The simple door mechanism on these fitments mean it’s easy to get in and out of the bath and a range of safety features customise the shower baths to suit your needs perfectly.


At Bathesafely a great deal of forethought went into the design of the Ultimate Bliss Shower Bath, making it the perfect choice for any bathroom. The shower bath offers deep soaking, with an anti slip base and is extra wide to allow easy and comfortable showering. The bath taps and controls are all centrally located, for ease and convenience and therapy options are also available to turn your shower unit into a steam, colour or spa extravaganza.


The Ultimate Bliss Shower Bath has a handsome design, with a range of finish and colour options to ensure your walk in shower bath enhances the appearance of your bathroom, while adding convenience, safety and comfort to your daily lifestyle.

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  1. A walk in bath is a fantastic bathing solution for the elderly or someone with a disability. With the bathroom the second most dangerous room in the home, solutions like a walk in bath, assisted shower, or wet room.

  2. Having the option of a walk-in shower or a full-length walk in bath can really make a difference to bathing, and can ease the process completely.

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