Hair Damage Claims Are On The Up

Hair damage claims are on the rise in the UKbad-extensions-1-b1

As the desire to change our appearance to keep up with celebrities and fashion increases, more and more people are visiting the hairdressers for more extreme hair treatments. However, there are a number of people cashing in on this growing trend who are not qualified to execute such procedures.

The True Cost Of A Bargain

Everyone loves a bargain so finding a hairdresser who proposes to be able to give you a full head of extensions for £150 seems like a dream come true. However, this fairy tale dream is shattered when you are left damaged and in pain.
Hair extensions are one of the most popular types of style change a person can undertake as the effects are immediate. They are however also one of the most common causes of hair damage. Badly executed hair extensions can leave you with bald patches, irritated skin and untold damage to your hair.

Maria Fowler from ITV’s The Only Way Is Essex understands the fascination with fakery that the show promotes however she is quick to add, “I think if you’re going to have hair extensions get clip-ins. If you do want bonds, make sure you get them done somewhere properly. Everyone on the show, we all like our fakeness but you have to do it properly. Short cuts are never good.”

What can you do if you suffer damage at the hands of a hairdresser?

Suffering damage at the hands of a hairdresser is not something you ‘just have to live with.’ Whilst waving a magic wand and returning your hair to normal isn’t always possible, making a hair damage claim to receive compensation for injury and suffering caused is.

If you have suffered damage at the hands of a hairdresser and would like to see if you are entitled to make a damage claim then contact

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