How To Successfully Receive Holiday Compensation

In an ideal world the words holiday and compensation would never appear in the same sentence. Unfortunately however, the world we live in isn’t always as good as it’s made out to be in the holiday brochure.

Every year thousands of people save up and book their dream holiday, the chance to get away from it all for a week or two. Soak up the sun or take advantage of fresh white powder in the snowy Alps. Whatever your ideal holiday is, your expectation is just that, that it will be ideal. Whilst many get what they wish for the unlucky few are left less than satisfied.

Holiday compensation is becoming a more and more real part of the holiday experience and what this article hopes to do is guide you as to how to make a successful claim.

Successful Holiday Compensation claims are possible. In order to avoid disappointment you should:

  • Register your complaint as early as possible. By doing this you give your tour operator, rep or hotelier the chance to deal with and correct the problem whilst you are still on holiday. Resolving issues are much easier when all parties are in the same place.
  • Keep all documentation pertaining to your complaint. Photographs, recordings and any correspondence will all aid in your holiday compensation claim. It is also important to keep a record of all contact details of those involved. These will come in useful if the problem isn’t resolved whilst you are away.
  • Being clear and concise is the key to a successful claim. State the main issues and how you feel they breach the terms of your booking. Don’t be pedantic or over complicate matters, just say it like it is.
  • Holiday compensation isn’t a given. You are only likely to receive it if you can prove you have been misled or poorly treated. Successful claimants are those who make a reasonable claim and expect a reasonable outcome.
  • Legal action is a last resort. We aren’t suggesting you settle for a low offer but rather than rushing to set a court date, seek independent guidance. Holiday compensation specialists will be able to advise you as to what your next move should be.
  • If your claim for holiday compensation goes to court make sure you follow the rules and processes put in place by the court The judge is there to make an informed decision so ensure that all parties have the necessary documentation in the correct format at the correct time as stipulated by the document exchange timetable. Compliance will demonstrate that your respect the process and in turn will respect the outcome.

If your holiday doesn’t meet the expectations stipulated in the booking or you feel you have been misled or badly treated in some way then making a claim for holiday compensation is a perfectly acceptable action.

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