Rewards For One & All

The best way to educate a child will never be agreed upon. It will be a debate that rages until the end of time. One thing which 21st century living has managed to unify, to some extent, is that rewarding children for smaller achievements and achievements which surpass their own scale of learning is one of the most affective ways to motivate them.

Positive teachers, who positively reaffirm the achievements of their pupils will not only find they behave better but they will also be more receptive to learning and maintain an enthusiasm for a subject or education in general.

The invention of the reward sticker was a turning point in pupil reaffirmation. By tendering a reward sticker you are not only rewarding a pupil for a good deed, piece of work or general behaviour but you are helping to maintain that pupils positive attitude towards learning. No longer is the reward sticker a status symbol of the brightest or the most well behaved. It isn’t something to be envied or used means of creating a divide, it is instead a unifying tool used to create a harmonious and positive learning environment.

The awarding of a reward sticker has moved on from being a reflection of results and instead is a mark of effort. The more effort you put in, the more stickers you obtain. All children like to collect so teachers could reward pupils by sticking them in their book, on a table or on their jumper. By displaying the reward sticker on a child that child not only feels positive and empowered in front of their peers but also are shown reward and attention from their parents for doing so well.

Reward stickers can be found in a number of styles, themes, shapes and sizes so as a teacher your choice is huge. To work out what style of reward sticker will best suit your style or your pupils, visit and make your classroom a more positive place to be!


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