6 Ways Your Business Can Survive During The COVID-19 Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic is upending businesses of all types and sizes. From the travel industry to restaurants, digital marketing agencies to financial institutions, the educational sector to the sports industry, almost every business is facing a financial blow. It is a very challenging time for every business. Companies are shutting down temporarily and limiting their operations, employees are working from home, and supply chains are disrupted to prevent the spread of this fatal, contagious infection, COVID-19. Entrepreneurs are concerned about the future of their businesses as nobody knows when the coronavirus outbreak will end.

During this stressful time of crisis, it can be very challenging for entrepreneurs and marketers to stay optimistic. But don’t worry, this stressful situation will not last forever. By taking some preventive measures and quick actions right away, you can stay safe, healthy and recover your business from coronavirus outbreak. 

Let’s check out what steps your business should take to survive during this COVID-19 pandemic and how you can stay above during uncertain times ahead.

Follow a Remote Work Model

A large number of people have started working remotely as companies have implemented a temporary work from home policy. To keep your employees safe, you should also allow your employees to stay at home and work remotely. The availability of mobile devices, business applications, and tech products has made it easier for employees to make remote work setup. 

There are many communication tools, such as Slack, Zoom, HipChat, YouTube Live, that help your quarantined team stay connected and productive. Ask your employees to submit a daily, weekly productivity report so that you can track their workloads and projects. TaskQue, Asana, Basecamp, Instagantt are the best project management software that can help you plan, control, and schedule your projects and manage your teams effectively.


Postpone Your Meetings

Since COVID-19 is a contagious virus, social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of this viral infection. If any business meeting, conference, or seminar is lined up, cancel it immediately or hold it virtually. Video conferencing is the best possible solution to communicate with your clients and stay away from in-person meetings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Offer Online Services

It’s time to social distancing, stay home, and follow isolation recommendations due to the current health crisis. It will severely affect the way consumers interact with businesses to meet their needs. If you are selling items, but you don’t have a website, consider creating an online store with pickup services so that your customers can easily get things they are looking for. Similarly, if you are a restaurant, you can develop a site that offers takeaway or non-contact food delivery options.  A digital agency can help you develop a brilliant website with excellent user experience and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Find New Marketing Channels

Remember, people still want to do business with you and want your services and products. Create new opportunities to serve your consumer base by offering different sales channels; it can help your business survive during this coronavirus outbreak. Find new opportunities and marketing channels to make it easier for your customers to purchase your products and services even during this tough time. 

Whether you start offering home delivery, mail, or online services, meeting the needs of your customers will help you retain relationships with your customers. It will make them believe that your business is still there to provide excellent customer service during this hard time.  

Improve your Products or Services

The coronavirus pandemic is a great time to reevaluate your business strategy and put more focus on discovering long-term opportunities. Besides working on new projects or releasing new products, it is a great time to focus on those projects that you are putting off due to a shortage of time. Take this time as a great opportunity to improve your products, services, website, SEO, content, and marketing efforts. 

As you have fewer clients these days, use this time to improve your business processes by making some productive and positive changes in the workflow. Come up with some creative ideas and carefully think about how you and your team can offer better products and services for your customers. 

Advice for Service-based Agencies

If you are a digital marketing agency, app development firm, or any other business that offers services, it’s high time to find out how you can productize your services. Running a service-based agency doesn’t mean you can’t promote your service as a product. Service-based companies can harness the power of product marketing to market their services. Carefully think about how you can convert your service into a product that people want to pay for. For instance, if you are offering web design services, you can offer a video course, how-to guide, eBooks, or anything your audience will love to purchase. 

Concluding Thoughts

During this health crisis of the coronavirus outbreak, which is affecting the global economy due to coronavirus shutdown, it is the right time for companies to take some steps and find new opportunities to recover lost revenue. Implementing new sales and marketing strategies, offering online opportunities for your customers, and productizing your services can help you stay above the rest and get your small business back to normal. 

Author Bio:

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager at Branex. He is also a writer & guest blogger on various websites. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.


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