How Can Travel Agencies Benefit Through CRM Integrations?


Regardless of any sector, building an active customer base is vital for every organisation. With fierce competition, along with unrealistic expectations, creating a brand face among the customer crowd would be challenging, especially for startups. The travel industry is saturated with a tremendous number of travel agencies. Therefore, it becomes necessary to adopt strategies to retain customers better, while keeping in track with the trends and requirements of the market this businesses can experience and benefit through CRM integrations. 



In this digital era, travel agencies need software that is compatible with their needs and assists in ensuring continued growth. Recognising these needs, several software outsourcing companies have developed Customer Relationship Management Softwares that assist travel agencies in providing enhanced customer services without collapsing their budget.


Let’s dive further into what Customer Relationship Management Software is and its usefulness for startup travel agencies.


What are CRM Softwares?

The basic necessity for every prospering business is to build a durable and long term customer relationship. During the beginning stages of the company, managing customers and their details would be quite an easy skill. But as the business prospers and the customer database expands, tracking and maintaining the database can become difficult.


During such situations, efficient CRM software tools help to automate the contact database, thus converging all customer details into one close-knit unit. Some advanced CRM Softwares are capable of:

  • Nurturing the leads of the company,
  • Creating automatic alerts
  • Ranking customers based on their interactions with the custom website of the company.


CRMS softwares are also proficient in maintaining track of customer payments, satisfaction, and feedback. It has been observed that companies that integrate CRM software into their businesses have witnessed an increase in sales and customer retention figures.


How does CRM harmonise with the agency’s needs?

Let’s go through the primary steps, followed by the use of CRM software in helping to close a sale through a customer and company friendly process.

  • The customer clicks on the website of the company. The CRM improves customer interactions by converting this customer into a lead by providing email addresses or forms.
  • The customer details are then immediately added into the company’s contact database
  • The customers are then nurtured throughout the entire buying process through emails, that are already added ahead of time.
  • Some CRMs also send automatic alerts to salespeople informing about the lead’s interest in the company’s product.
  • The salesperson can then follow the customer and assist in buying the product with the details added in the CRM.

It thus ensures a confirmed sale through satisfied customer services.


Advantages of integrating CRM software in startup travel agencies

1. Better customer experience

Today, customers prefer every service that is a click away, preferably a smooth mobile application or website that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. With the help of efficient CRM software tools, the developers of the company or a software-outsourcing company can build mobile applications or websites that match the requirements of the targeted customers. Besides being a customer database tool, specific advanced CRM tools can also provide customer payment, tracking, and feedback services. Thus the company must choose the best travel CRM tools from dynamic software development solutions.


2. Ensuring a personalised experience for each customer

The travel needs of each client are unique. With the help of CRM tools, every travel agency can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through customised services synchronising with the client’s needs.


3. Improved performance by sales and marketing team

Another benefit through CRM integrations and that is helping the sales and marketing team of the company can deliver a better service to the targeted customer with the inputs that they receive from the customer support team and the CRM tools. By integrating with efficient CRM tools, companies can scale their ROI graphs.


4. Managing and keeping in track with customer feedback

A customer often feels valued when their complaints and needs are addressed efficiently by the company.

The customer service desk, coupled with an efficient CRM tool, can smoothly navigate through the situation, ensuring a high level of trust and satisfaction from clients.



Emerging as a pioneer in the crowded sector of the travel industry can often be challenging. By integrating with efficient CRM tools, the performances of the company can be scaled up and develop during their crucial startup stages. 

With a handful of benefits, when it comes to incorporating CRM software into the running of the business, there are more benefits than drawbacks.

With developments witnessed in all areas, we would love to hear your own experience and the benefit through CRM integrations has had on your business and travel agency and how you have benefited from this simple move.

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