How to Improve Your Business Security?

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Did you know that hundreds of large and medium scale companies have had a compromise to their data as a result of hacking? Hackers have been able to succeed in sneaking into a company’s system primarily due to two reasons. Whether it’s through a loophole in the security system or the negligence of workers, both have provided an entry route for hackers worldwide.

We will take a look at the most common security breaches for businesses around the world, and how you too can improve your business security with a few simple steps.

How Do Hackers Access Your Data?

For many businesses, a data breach incident can occur due to the negligence of the company’s employees. In some circumstances, this is caused through the employees accidentally clicking and responding to phishing emails sent by hackers. Workers may without knowing cause the company to compromise on sensitive information and put the business in a vulnerable position.

But how do hackers access your company’s data?

spy apps1 – Phishing

This is in the form of a fake email that appears to be legitimate. The email could be asking you to change your information or transfer money. By clicking and doing as the email suggests, you will be automatically giving the hacker access to the company’s software. A typical phishing email will be written in a tone to spark panic.

2 – Malware

Malware is a software that has been created to compromise a system, stealing and sending back vital data to the hacker. Whether sent through an email or downloaded by the employees, a typical malware system will interfere with the system’s core functionalities, affecting not just the security but the productivity of the company.

3 – Mobile Apps

With many mobile phones coming without the addition of internet security, the security of your mobile against malicious mobile apps is high. Often downloaded online, many nasty mobile apps are presented as google or apple apps, stealing your data and invading your privacy.

4 – Smishing

Smishing is a termed used for those hackers attempting to trick an employee into giving private information. Often over the phone or SMS message, Smishing is becoming a popular term, used more frequently as the world of online security grows.

5 – Insecure Networks

The final way in which hackers can access your device and system is through an insecure network. By working off an insecure network, a hacker has a higher rate of accessing your files and documents, along with passwords and bank details.

Hacking Breaches Data in The Business

With the majority of data breach incidents occurring due to the negligence of employees who have accidentally responded to phishing emails sent by hackers. By following orders on their phone, either out of panic or habit, without realising they are compromising sensitive information owned by the company.

Not just saved for giant international corporations, even small business owners can fall foul to Data Breaches, with 71% of cyber attacks being conducted on small businesses. With small companies being more appealing to hackers and cyber criminals, this is due to the limited and lack of security and the ease in which they can access valuable data. For those companies wanting to minimise their chances of a security breach, there are simple steps that you can take.

How to Protect Your Business Security Against Hacking

If you are worried about the looming threat of a cyber attack or theft of data, then there are steps that you must take. By protecting your online security, you can protect and guard important data and assets, vital to the running of the company.

Here is how you can improve your online business security;

  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is secure and keep an eye on traffic visiting your site
  • Train employees on how they can create a strong password and make sure that they use these passwords on all of their devices
  • Keep up to date with the latest software developments, firewall and antivirus protection on all company devices from laptops to mobile phones
  • At the end of the working day, consider locking laptops in a secure area instead of leaving them out
  • Create an encryption for storage of all sensitive data
  • Keep a limit on the number of employees that you grant access to and delete unused employee accounts
  • Backup all data on a regular basis, making sure that you are covered in case of the incident of data theft
  • Download a spy app on employees work mobile phones

How Does a Spy App Work?

A valuable app, a mobile phone spy app is a vital and additional tool for your workforce. Allowing you to manage business operations, data and remotely monitor employees, the future of cyber security is in the form of mobile spy apps. Presenting users with an online storage for business data that ensures protection and retrieval of important data in case of accidental or intentional loss or hacking. The spy app also enables businesspersons to keep their workers under surveillance and prevent them from wrongdoings, malicious activities and data transfer to unauthorised persons.
With spy apps also designed to combat hacking attempts, you are able to monitor phishing emails that are received and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

The Bottom Line

The cyber world is changing and developing all of the time, when it comes to keeping your business safe, it can be a tricky and tiring task. With criminals settingspy apps their sights on small businesses, by following our top tips, you too can monitor and reduce your chances of hacking.

Whether it be through a phishing email or an insecure network, by making a small change, you can keep all vital information and data safely secure where it belongs- away from the chance of hacking. With mobile security posing an even bigger threat, by using a feature-rich employee monitoring software, you can supervise your workers’ online and offline activities within and outside the workstation, along with keeping the company secure.

Have you ever been hacked, or do you have any useful tips on how best to improve your business security? Let us know as we would love to hear from you.

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