How To Successfully Incorporate Product Configuration Into Your Business

Making the decision to incorporate a product configuration system into your business is the first step towards becoming a market leader. However like all changes to the mechanics of a business, implementation and acceptance can take time.

To ease the transition we have created some tips to help you!

 1. Where are you going?

In order to reach an unfamiliar destination you need a map. The same applies to the implementation of a product configuration system. If you create a map, noting markers of places you have to reach on the way, not only will you reach your destination, but you also wont miss anything on the way. We suggest that some of your markers include things such as:

  • Benchmark current processes
  • Review current state versus best practices
  • Prioritize based on core business processes
  • Define initiatives
  • Publish Transformation Map

By publishing your map, everyone involved will be able to understand the process and be able to envisage their destination.

2. Bitesize is best

The best way to ensure that the implementation of your product configuration system is achieved successfully is to break to down into smaller pieces. By breaking it down you can move through the process much more swiftly and everyone involved will be able to see it in action. A great sense of achievement is felt when you can see something progressing, feedback is immediate and a overall your team will feel that it has been a much more collaborative process.

3. Risk Assessment

The best way to avoid risks is to pre-empt them. Before you begin the the process of incorporating the product configuration, establish which hurdles you may face. Make a note in advance how you will overcome the hurdles so as and when they arrive they barely feel like bumps in the road.

4. Believe!

Our greatest piece of advice is for you to believe that the implementation of your product configuration system will contribute to redefining your business and elevating you to a market leader. This belief will carry you through the implementation process and over any hurdles.


Incorporating a product configuration system will become your new reality once installed. There is no escaping it. But remember the more you prepare for that inevitable change the more streamlined that process will be. Good Luck!


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