Web Design In Portsmouth Improves Small Business Prospects

If you are a small business and you aren’t online, then you are missing out!

Britain is well ahead of the curve when it comes to online shopping, in fact it has been reported that over 71% of people now shop online, 21% ahead of expected rates for 2012. That’s a huge fraction of the population and an audience small businesses, who aren’t online, are missing out on connecting with.

With the increasing number of companies specialising in web design in Portsmouth small businesses needn’t worry, there is plenty of help available. E-commerce is without a doubt the way forward if done correctly and in conjunction with the appropriate social media, email marketing and word of mouth promotion.

Whilst web design in Portsmouth is strong, all designers need inspiration. If you are a small business looking to either move online or just to attract custom through a website then you need to establish a brief. A check list of you like of features you would like your new site to have. You also need to work out whether you are going to learn to update the site yourself or if you are going to pay your web designer to maintain it on your behalf. It may sound like a big project to take on but when 71% of the population are taking to the net rather than the high street, it is worth considering.

Below are a few suggestions of things to do before investing in a website:

  • Look at your competitors websites, what features do they have?
  • Make a list of websites you like. Inspiration will be the key to innovative web design
  • Fundamentally what do you need it to do?
  • Do you want to manage it yourself?
  • Do you have social media accounts? Twitter, Facebook etc? If you don’t don’t forget to get these linked to your new website.

Web design in Portsmouth is prolific thanks to its creative and innovative population and thriving web development community. All will produce you unique designs on hosted and registered domains. With extensive experience in helping small businesses BEA Solutions are one of the web design companies in Portsmouth who offer a range of web design services at an affordable rate. Their focus is to create something attractive and effective, yet easy to manage.

If you are interested in finding out more about obtaining a new website then contact BEA Solutions today! http://www.beawebsites.com/

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