The Importance of Product Packaging and Design

The importance of product packaging has escalated with the evolution of self-service marketing and the increasing need for products to catch the eye of the consumer that is “helping themselves”.

Product displays and effective packaging are key in the marketing strategy to get consumers to notice the product, so it is paramount that a great deal of importance is placed on the product packaging design.

Research into consumer motivation, colour testing and even psychological manipulation is good ground work to produce product packaging ideas to ascertain which will get the greatest reaction from the majority of consumers.

Aside from luring customers to lift your product from the shelves, there are other primary purposes for the product packaging.


The packaging serves the purpose of protecting the product inside from shock, vibration and changes in temperature that can be experienced during transportation and distribution.


For some products there are legal requirements outlining what has to be displayed or communicated on the packaging, for food and medicines for example.

For the consumer the information displayed should be attention grabbing and exciting to attract them and entice them to read the product packaging details.


We are trying to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product, so the marketing angle of the product packaging is key. The graphic design of the packaging should communicate and share your brand with the customer and is an essential part of the overall marketing and branding strategy of the company.


It is important that the product packing is convenient for the distribution, handling and stacking as well as the display of the product. Ease of opening and recycling, and even reuse of the packaging, all adds to the customer experience and perception of your brand.

As part of the manufacturing process it is also important that the product packaging boxes can be easily stored, so may come in the form of flat pack boxes for example.


Unfortunately in this day and age security of products has to be considered as part of the packaging. Many designs are now manufactured with features to reduce the risks of tampering and stealing.

As you can see the importance of product packaging has many facets. Is there a particular brand you are attracted to because of the packaging? Perhaps the reusable glass packaging of Nutella, or the timeless branding of Coca Cola? Let me know in the comments.

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